I should share my other sites!

If you're not comfortable with supporting me monthly, I have a Ko-Fi page where you can just pay for one thing. I also got a Newgrounds, because why not?

Ko-Fi:  https://ko-fi.com/thelethalbreed

NG:  https://thelethalbreed.newgrounds.com/ 

I guess it would make sense to promote it here as I do on Twitter.

I also have a Picarto for the purpose for 18+ art/animations. Mostly art to be honest.

Picarto:  https://picarto.tv/TheLethalBreed 

If I'm streaming on either Picarto or Twitch, I'll be sure to let you all know here.

Sorry for the lack of activity here, been going through things; had a lack of time, etc. Also added a new tier to get more interaction with folks, yes it'll require payment, but hey you can still use Ko-Fi for one time stuff, and there's no limit how many times you commission me there.

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