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A large part of the appeal for a site like ClanHeart is the vast variety of colors your pets can come in. ClanHeart had originally had various unique color wheels, such as "pastels", "vibrants", and "naturals" that would all have their own range although some colors could overlap between wheels. This style is great for letting users determine exactly what they are after, but it can be very complicated to manage and keep track of on the back-end, and doesn't necessarily make sense of what colors would be included in a wheel in all cases.

Instead of carrying over the old multi-wheel ways, we have two alternative concepts and we would love to hear which most interests you guys! Once we have a final verdict, Patrons can look forward to hearing about some potential colors as we build the palette. Keep in mind the colors provided are purely for example purposes, and this vote is just for the mechanic itself.

Color Chart: This style of color breeding would be best represented as a chart, where your color changes as you move left and right, and then moving up and down will shift the tone of the colors.

This mechanic would best allow users to achieve the sort of color style that had been available with the multi-wheel mechanic. If you want only pastel colors, you can pair pets specifically in the pastel row. If you want only brown colors, you could pair pets specifically in the brown column.

It also promotes more consistent distribution of colors. If we add a brown color, there would be a brown color added for every single tone. However, this also means we won't be able to add in any specific unique colors because they wouldn't properly fit in the chart, unless we add the same hue or tone across the entire chart which would be unlikely to happen.

Although this mechanic would let you better fine-tune what color ranges you are after, the maximum range of colors you would be able to produce would be only a quarter of the colors. Half of the columns and half of the rows. This means it would be impossible to have a pair that could produce all of the colors in, for example, the green column. Additionally, the ranges would wrap over the edges, potentially resulting in a breeding pair that could produce both the lightest and darkest tones at the same time.

Color Wheel: This style of color breeding would be best represented as a wheel. The overall hue changes as you move around the wheel, although the tones of the colors would be more varied and sporadic.

This mechanic would best allow users to create massive ranges of possibility, allowing for up to half of the colors to be included in the range. It would also provide a large variety of hues and tones, and allow a user to breed the entire range of a color if they so wished. Additionally, it would make it much easier to expand upon.

Although this style allows users to breed all of a specific color range, it would make it impossible to breed for a range of solely pastel or solely vibrant colors. Despite this, it could be considered more intuitive and straightforward for many users, as a "wrapping" mechanic does not need to be kept in mind.

Color Chart


Color Wheel

Poll ended Jul 25, 2019
16 votes total

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