Fiction: Love Spells, Rainbows and Rosie

Lovers’ Day is good trading for a witch who deals in enchantments, ribbons and dyed flowers. For Mara Hill, it’s long been a holiday of tedious assumptions and painful conversations–once best handled by casting petty curses on annoying customers. This year, when a girl asks about love spells, it may be time to instead channel a little Aunt Rosie. 

Contains: A sapphic, allosexual, lithromantic trans witch enduring the most amatonormative holiday extant–in a small town still in want of open conversations about aromanticism.

Setting: Marchverse. A year and a half after The Sorcerous Compendium of Postmortem Query and a year before Love is the Reckoning. I don't spend much time going over the events of the night Mara spoke to Aunt Rosie about aromanticism, so reading Compendium first is recommended.

Length: 3, 429 words / 10 PDF pages.

Note: My hands still hurt, so I edited and formatted the second story first (on account of pesky considerations like length). For readers who prefer their stories published in chronological order, I promise that the first (Compendium) will be my next project!

Books in Series: The Sorcerous Compendium of Postmortem Query | Love Spells, Rainbows and Rosie | Love is the Reckoning | Absence of Language 

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