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Hi sweet friends, just a quick note to check in and say hello and to let you know how important your support and friendship are to me. These past three years have been challenging both in terms of wtf is happening to our country and my own personal struggle trying to figure out how I can be useful and helpful in making a difference in the world. 

Moving to Encinitas and volunteering at the museum has given me a chance to rest from the constant battle to climb the ladder, pay the bills, and try to stay relevant in this chosen "career". Although I feel like I've dropped out a little, I've been able to catch my breath and have had time to figure out what's really important to me. My husband. My family.

For the past 14 years Hart and Carole Beeks have turned a desolate piece of desert in Lucerne Valley into a shady oasis full of gardens, birds, waterfalls and love. The photo above is their northern view and it will be our view, too, come September when Jonny and I relocate the 5W (fifth wheel) under some trees on their property. We're going to help them take care of the place and we're all going to take care of each other.

We are not "leaving" San Diego all together. We both plan to continue to work here as much as possible. Jonny will keep his larger contracted gigs and I'll still host songwriting events, concerts and festivals here at The Ranch. I hope to continue to provide inexpensive photos and videos for my pals here and, of course, Calamity will continue our reign of good times. 

We're excited that we will be close to Joshua Tree and Landers and the outlying desert communities which have a pretty rich music scene and interesting characters. We also have our eye on Big Bear which is just 25 minutes up the hill. I'm eager to explore the music scene there and to share San Diego's music with folks on the mountain as well as those living in the greater inland empire. Opportunity awaits and I'm looking forward to investigating and connecting and helping spread new music, art, and inspirational creativity with you folks via The Listen Local Show which will be exclusive to Patreon subscribers. 

The show will also be dropping some Hart and Carole hi jinx as I plan to document the experience of moving back home with these two amazing people. I'm sure there will be some cooking shows (mom is incredible in the kitchen) as well as old guy wisdom from dad. I'll do my  best to share it all with you, my Patreon pals, my team. 

We haven't made our decision public yet but I wanted to share it with you guys now. Now that it feels real. I hope you'll stay along for the ride and I hope you'll book me for photo shoots or hire Calamity to play in your living room... anything to give me a reason to come back and visit the place I've called home for the last 20 years. 

Thanks for reading. Thanks for your friendship. Stay tuned, it's going to be an adventure. 


Cathryn Beeks 

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