Hey everyone,

I'm just creating a FAQ post that will be linked to my overview here on Patreon. I find myself answering a lot of questions everyday and I'm trying to get the answers out there in an easy to access place. I'll be updating and adding more as time goes on.

Onward, to the FAQ




When I join the Patreon do I get all your past work/releases?

No. You only get access to the files that were released the month you subscribed.

However, if you’d like to get STLs from past releases you can find them at my web store.

Does your Patreon have a back catalogue?

No. Past releases go onto my web store.

Does your Patreon have a ‘Welcome Pack’?

No, not yet at least! I’m working on it. I want folks that have backed me from the beginning to get something out of it and it not just be a collection of past releases.

Why can’t I access the files from the previous month?

Once the month is over, I take the links down and post the new release. You can contact me If you were billed for a previous release, but did not get the files.

What happens if I lose my files or forget to download them?

Contact me and I’ll get the files to you ASAP! I totally understand that sometimes life gets hectic or something terrible happens. Please try to double check that you got all the files.
As the Patreon grows, I do find myself spending more time doing this for folks. The more time I spend dealing with file management, the less time I spend sculpting ;)

Do I get both months if I join in the middle of the night at the end of the month.

No. You get the releases you are billed for. If you are billed at the end of the month when the link is down, contact me and I’ll get things sorted out ASAP.

Do you do commissions?

Yes, but currently I don’t have any slots open. If you’re not looking for something super specific, you can always suggest it on my Patreon.

What kind of miniatures do sculpt?

Fantasy / Dark fantasy. I try to create things that can work in most D&D games. I also take suggestions for Patrons and work them into the polls if I think I have a good idea for them.

Are your Kickstarter miniatures available?

No. Once the Kickstarter is fulfilled, I will announce when those are released. I’ll post about it and update this answer.

Hey, are you hiring?

No. Thanks for the interest, but I’m a one-man party for this quest. If things change and I plan to expand this to a team, I’ll definitely post about it and update this answer!

Can I sell your miniatures?

No, everything is for personal use. I also don't have any plans to set up a merchant tier / merchant licenses for the Patreon. If things change, I'll announce it, inform patrons and update this answer.

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