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Photo: Hubby Guys, Patrick and Travis ready to hit the water at Flopos.

I've been beating my head against the wall as of late. I've been wanting to make be the place where you get all the stuff that I would've put on the boogLIFE Patreon page. I've purchased a WordPress plugin that's supposed to let you sign into with your Patreon login and open up locked posts that relate to your boogLIFE Patreon pledge amount. For whatever reason, I'm not able to connect that login component to make it work smooth. 

This week's poll is relates to issue. 

1. Should I move everything back to Patreon and have that be the only place with all the goods? Have redirect to my boogLIFE Patreon page. Clean up the filters and have the tags direct only to audio podcasts.

2. Should I continue to work with the boogLIFE website and get the WordPress plugin to work so you only have to go to for the goods? If I go this route, the only thing I'd post on the Patreon page would be the audio podcasts and everything else would be on the webpage.

I'd love to hear what you think. boogLIFE is yours so your vote and comment is super valuable to me. 

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Patreon Page Only - Clean Up Tags To Point To Audio Podcasts

Webpage Priority - Post 99% Everything On Webpage

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