Pateron Exclusive: MAJOR Rumour killer

Can  someone explain to me why this guy would have any information or credibility?

Firstly, he lives in Blackpool in the UK, a poor and run-down northern seaside town- of zero relevance. He also writes for a bunch of click bait websites who pay around $10 an article. Therefore, why on earth would this irrelevant wannabe writer have any links or sources within the WWE?

From someone who put Sportskeeda’s wrestling coverage on the map in 2017, I can tell you that these idiots sit in their offices in India hiring any wannabe writer who will work for 5 bucks, simply to dominate Google searches with their SEO. They will post ANYTHING!  It was only me that gave them a remote shred of credibility, based on the fact I actually nailed over 90% of my stories whilst there, which resulted in me receiving offers to work for nearly every major wrestling site out there.

This was due to the fact I actually have REAL sources from when I actually worked with the WWE and from knowing several roster members and employees based on mutual interests and contacts, built from me being in the wrestling industry and from being on a major TV show. What the f**k do these random dudes in India have? What does Tom from Blackpool have? They have absolutely nothing! No links, no sources, no credibility.

It’s all complete bulls**t guys.

I had to actually bother looking into this fabricated story, so I could deliver some FACTS, rather than just burying a few morons. It turns out that Heyman is actually very high on several guys not even in this 10 man match, and therefore, set up SEPARATE story arcs for them. These guys include, Ricochet, AJ Styles, Drew McIntyre and Bray Wyatt. Heyman had zero influence over who took place in the Battle Royal, and wasn’t even remotely involved in booking it- which was done by Michael Hayes and Tyson Kidd.

Don‘t fall for BULLS**T stories guys. 

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