Hey, sorry for not updating the blog for a couple weeks. I’ll try to get back on track this Wednesday.

There isn’t any dire reason why I haven’t updated the blog in a  while. It’s just fuckass hot in my region right now, and while I have  central air, it’s kind of jury-rigged into my 90 year old house, so the  second floor has one intake, one outflow, and neither of which are  actually in my office.

Because of the heat, I have been focusing on game development, and  cutting hours I would otherwise spend on communication, marketing, and  administration. So, I promise it only *looks* like I’m doing very  little.

The quests for v0.41 are in their final stages, I only have a little  bit of final dialogue, and some enemy placement and treasure drops to  do. I’d like to tie off some new sex scenes and chat dialogue, that sort  of thing, as well, but we’ll play it by ear on that one.

I just wanted to make this effort to reach out real quick, so I’ll  leave it at that. Thank you for your support, as always, and I’ll see  you in a week and a half for the backer release!

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