InkyDays 07/24/19 - 07/30/19

An adventure in drawing, daily, with ink.

#inkyDays 07/17/19 

Playing with fractal airplane motif from a couple days ago, but going in a more organic direction. 


#inkyDays 07/25/19

Thinking about blooming and budding while drawing today.


#inkyDays 07/26/19

Paul Klee had a big influence over today's drawing. Starting to feel more settled at home, and almost recovered from travel-stress.


#inkyDays 07/27/19

Another day of Paul Klee inspired drawing. Also, adding some more colors and shapes.


#inkydays 07/28/19

Getting messy with the inks today, and thinking about lichen for today's drawing. Going for patches of different lichens growing into each other organically.


#inkyDays 07/29/19

Playing with a simple branching fractal pattern for today's drawing. Still inspired by lichen, but in the branching type.


#inkyDays 07/30/19

Wrapping up this week of daily drawings with some more fractal branching. I really love the way the inks interact in this the green gets more muddy as the branches get more narrow.


Full #inkyDays gallery in my portfolio site:

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