Pet Addiction - Chapter 97

My Little Girl (88)

Ji Xili happened to have something to tell Ji Xubai, so she went to his library. She thought he wouldn’t be busy at the time. 

So she opened the door and went in. But inside, she saw a girl in a white school uniform sitting at the table. She was tidying her dress collar, but her hair was a little messy.

Her expression was so dull that there was not a trace of color on her face. She hadn’t even looked up when Xili had come in, and just continued to tidy her clothes without saying a word.

Ji Xubai gave his sister a faint look. Instead of talking to her, he threw a paper at the girl.

"Go back and write it. Bring it to me for inspection tomorrow. If it is not done well this time as well, you know the consequences," Ji Xubai said, before pausing a little. "Get out."

Wen Zhigu tidied up her clothes and hair, put the paper in her bag, and then left. 

It didn’t seem to be the first time she’d been treated like this.

After Wen Zhigu had gone out, Ji Xubai began to tidy up his own things.

Ji Xili frowned and asked, "Is that girl your student?"

Ji Xubai replied with a lazy, "Hmm."

"You are a teacher of the Yulin Academy. Shouldn’t you be cautious with your behaviour?" Ji Xili asked. She didn’t like his actions.

"She was being disobedient," Ji Xubai declared in a heartless manner.

But his sister couldn’t stand his reasoning. She refuted, "Is this how you treat disobedient students?"

Ji Xubai paused, and then hooked his lips up a little. In a faint voice, he said, "Not really. She’s an exception."

"Ji Xubai, I don't care what you do! But your surname is Ji. Think about the family when you are dealing with people, " she reprimanded.

Ji Xubai put away his books, and then looked up at her and said, "I know. What can I help you with?"

His question reminded her of the original reason she came here. She knitted her brows and said, "Father was given some news today. He said to let you know to be careful in the academy, especially in Class 1. That group of students is likely to have spies from other countries hidden within."

Ji Xubai glanced at her and sat down. His slender fingers knocked on the table, before he picked up Wen Zhigu's exam paper and flipped it over. Caressing the handwriting on the sheet, he answered in a calm voice, "Yes."

Back at the Sheng Courtyard, Shu Nuan was informed by Li Yuan that the prince would be returning late. She didn’t question much further, and instead she washed up and went to the library to read.

She put the examination paper on top of her bag to tell Sheng Qianmo that she’d gotten a great result, so he’d praise her.

But after looking at the paper for a while, Shu Nuan put it inside a book instead. Then she took out another book and sat down to read it.

But after some time, she dropped the book on the table and closed her eyes in frustration.

Not surprisingly, Shu Nuan again fell asleep in the library. When she woke up, a vague fragrance of sweet milk tea reached her nose. She rubbed her eyes and sat up in a daze, and she saw before her a bowl of hot milk tea with pastries on the side.

She looked at it for a while, but didn’t consider whether Sheng Qianmo had come back. Holding the bowl, she sipped it with a bowed head, pausing to eat a pastry from time to time.

In the middle of her meal, the door of the library opened.

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