Pet Addiction - Chapter 99

My Little Girl (90)

Shu Nuan was going to plan when it’d be appropriate to travel to the Wangyue Forest, but Sheng Qianmo had already decided for her. Knowing she had the next day off, he pushed back his schedule, so he could spend a whole day with her.

When Shu Nuan learned about that from Li Yuan, she was quite pleased. 

Later at school, she bumped into Su Hai and took the initiative to greet him. He stood up some stairs from her and said with pretense, "Seeing you in Class 9, elder brother, I beg for your pardon!”


Speechless, Shu Nuan turned around and left quickly.

Su Hai jumped down the stairs and caught up. He asked, "How does it feel to be in Class 1?"

"Not good," Shu Nuan gave an honest reply.

He stared at her with widened eyes and said, "Come on, what's the matter with you? It's the same Class 1 all the students are cramming their heads bursting to enter!"

Shu Nuan gazed at him and said, "I made it, and my head is fine."

Su Hai was stunned until he realised what she’d meant. He couldn't help but burst out laughing, thinking how Shu Nuan was always indifferent, but knew how to make a joke.

Arriving at the end of the hallway, Shu Nuan waved to him and said, "I'm going to class."

When inside, a male classmate came over to ask Wen Zhigu a question. Her expression remained detached, but she calmly helped him with his question. Not long after, when the bell rang, Ji Xubai actually entered through one of the large windows, much to everyone’s surprise. His face was hostile as he threw his books onto his table.

  The class held their breath collectively. They could all see that Master Ji was in a bad mood, and so no one dared to act rashly.

Ji Xubai walked over to the young man who Wen Zhigu had just helped, and he picked up the notebook on his table. After turning over two pages with Wen Zhigu’s familiar handwriting on it, he stared at it for a few seconds. Then he tore it down, lifted his gaze, and called out with a cold voice, "Wen Zhigu."

Wen Zhigu stood up.

"Come to the front and explain this topic," Ji Xubai ordered.

Wen Zhigu stood silent at the table for a moment, and then said, "I will not."

"You will," Ji Xubai declared, his tone still aggresive.

 Wen Zhigu was silent and walked over to the front of the class.

All the students could see that ever since Wen Zhigu's performance had shown a decline in the last examination, Master Ji had found fault with her from time to time, intentionally making trouble for her. This kind of behavior made them all vigilant, and so they dared not let their own results worsen.

While Wen Zhigu was lecturing, Ji Xubai took her seat and turned over her notebook. He propped up his temples with his hands, lazily setting his eyes on the seatmate. But Shu Nuan was very attentive in class and wouldn’t be disturbed. Even though Ji Xubai was sitting next to her, Shu Nuan was calm and focused.

Ji Xubai frowned and tapped on the writing in her notebook, asking in a light voice, "It's beautiful. Do you usually practice writing?"

Shu Nuan held the brush still for a moment, and replied, "Sometimes."

But just then, Ji Xubai’s voice turned harsh. 

"If you won’t listen carefully in class, go stand outside."


Silent, she turned her head and glanced at Ji Xubai. But his expression was still cold, and he repeated, "Go out."

Shu Nuan took a breath, put down the brush, and got up and left.

Wen Zhigu stood at the front for nearly half the class. Finally, she looked at Ji Xubai and said in a humble manner, "Master, I’m not comfortable."

Seeing that she was being submissive, Ji Xubai felt a little better. He knew she wasn’t healed yet, and it was difficult for her to stand for long periods. So he let Wen Zhigu return to her seat.

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