Bite sized preview: Classroom (Plus editing update!)

Hey you,

I finished writing a new chapter in Grim Curio and am on to the next. This chapter I'm editing and it was one of my weaker performing chapters in the beta read, so I'm restructuring it entirely and rewriting most of it.

Taking the intro narration away and weaving it into dialog. Making the character of Gretchen (I need to change that name) more fleshed out. And changing the order of events to make them more impactful.

As you may imagine, it's a lot of work. Sometimes in the midst of all this editing, I realize I've forgotten important things like characters speech patterns and the style of internal monologue. That's how it is now, so I'm taking another quick read through the novel thus far to reabsorb all that stuff, then back to the rewrites.

On to the next thing, the bite sized preview. This is a bit from chapter 3 and takes place within a high school classroom in the undercity. It's just two paragraphs, but I hope you enjoy them.

He nods, expecting something like that. A murmur passes through the class and Nat looks up from her cold steel desk and watches Tasche’s profile. Tasche holds her head high, neck straight, eyes locked on Mr. Daily even as the class whispers unkindly about her. It’s this kind of strength allures Nat. Like a magnet she can’t help but be pulled toward her.

“Ok,” says Mr. Daily with calculation. “Quiet down everyone. Tasche has as much right as all of you to make an argument, as long as it’s supported by reason, logic, facts. Go ahead, Tasche. Elaborate.”

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