Who wants to read The Witcher Book Series with me?

Hey guys -- I've got the itchin' to start a new book series. I haven't read any books in quite awhile. Back in the day I used to be quite the reader and it's time that I returned to the printed page. I'm extremely excited and curious about the new Netflix television series starring Henry Cavill called The Witcher. It turns out that the TV series is based on a series of books about The Witcher, a man who is essentially a Monster Hunter who lives in a land of Magic, Dragons, Elves and all kinds of Monsters. There was even a video game series based on the character although I haven't played any of them. I watched the trailer and thought, 'Hey, why don't I read the books this is based on and what if we did it as a book club?!"

I've already started the first book which introduces The Witcher and I plan on recording a podcast talking all about each book, I would love for anyone who wants to, to read it with me and participate via voicemail etc. 

It's also available in audio book form and I even found it on Youtube for free!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHc8LSVWcVQ  so you could start listening right away. In fact I've found the other books in audio on youtube as well. I intend on reading the book first and then listening to it in audio form. 

I intend to read the first 3 books as quickly as possible because I want to get those in before the series airs sometime this year. So, who's with me? Anyone interested?

Let's just acknowledge the Dark Tower Elephant in the room, shall we? Bill and I did the first 3 Dark Tower Book Podcasts and fully intended to continue on until we finished the series. Shit happened and that sucks, we never finished the podcast series like we fully intended to. I don't want to throw Bill under the bus but sometimes it's hard to do an endeavor like getting two people together to talk about a Book Series, One person may read faster than the other, the other person may not be available to record the Book Podcast at the same time as the other person etc. That is why I am going to record these book shows solo, unless Stephen is interested. I'd love to talk with someone about a book series, it would be a blast but if it can't happen that way. I will record the show solo. Which is what I should have done with the Dark Tower series. So I want to apologize for never completing that book series but Hey, I did see that movie so I know how it ends. ;)

So anyway, if anyone has any questions, just ask me about it either here or email or on facebook or twitter and I'll answer you. I understand that if no one is interested I will try and not be hurt by it because after all you may not be interested in the same stuff that I am at the same time. I totally get that. I'm also going to include an attachment with a list of all of the books. You will also hear me talk about this book series on tonight's episode so be sure and listen to that and we'll see how Stephen feels about it, I'm sure he's going to give me some Dark Tower guilt. LOL

Thanks for reading this. This is totally just a wild idea that sprang forth on a whim but I fully intend to do this. I need this. I need to lose myself in something right now and I hope that you follow me on this journey. Let's do it together!

The Jastrom

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