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Jul 27, 2019

As promised during the livestream today, here is the Dallas gathering recording in full length and unedited. Love and gratitude to everyone that participated. xxxJanine


02:30 As an atheist, where do you find your inspiration to keep going when life gets hard?

10:40 What have you learned about yourself or about coping that you wished you had known sooner? 

12:05 My whole life I have been harassed about my unique voice. How can I learn to love a piece of myself that I’ve been groomed to hate?

14:30 What is the best way to approach someone when you know they are going through a hard time?

17:35 Sometimes it can be very draining mentally to take on people’s problems.

19:25 I grew up with a lot of self-loathing. Can you recollect a time when it has hit you so hard that you realized you had to do something about it?

24:25 Did you ever try to meditate?

29:42 Some of the songs that you have created in your darkest times, is it hard for you to revisit them?

33:30 My father is a high functioning sociopath and since being a child I always had to be prepared for the worst to happen. Do you have any words for somebody that has gained mental strength and is challenged and trying to stay strong?

51:20 I’ve become co-dependent on my depression. If I feel joy I feel like I’m not in my comfort zone.


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