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283 Cave Complex + PSD file - 48x30

Hi there! Denizens of the Tower!

I recently did this underground cave complex map. There is a shallow stream of spring water passing through the place. Someone has split the stream artificially to water a fungi farm. The rest of the complex features sparse details but it is clear that the place is a mining place of sorts. There are a few oil lamps, tools, wheelbarrows, etc.

You'll find the map pack below. It includes gridded, ungridded, labeled, and unlabeled versions of the map. B/W versions are also there if you want to print for cheap. The illustration is 48x30 and should upload fine to Roll20 and other VTTs. You'll also find my source PSD file for the map too in a separate zip folder. Contrary to other releases, this one features no lore/adventure ideas. 

This release is set public to share with you and your friends. This is only possible thanks to the support I get from hundreds of people here in Patreon. If you like my style and the stuff I write, consider chipping in and get all the goodies here.

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