Quality of life update and Poll Results

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What's new?

On the update:

 -Achievements Can now be seen in the game menu (you still can only replay the scenes on the main menu
-clicking on a Locked Achievement will show hints on WHERE to find that scene, (it will not go into details since not everyone can see the walk-thought)
-In game menu RE-done , the menu now looks better and cooler and easier to find stuff
-Done/max markers for achievements in several place so you can keep track of stuff easily
-Multiple Save/load slots
-Wardrobe where you can see her 20 clothes so far, a small scene for each an get a Temporary bonus
-Added item to buy at the beach
-taking a consumable item will Overheal Chloe's energy(that energy is lost if not used that same day)
-Now Chloe can Get bonus to her stats that lasts one day, so you can avoid grinding(each bonus can be taken once a week and Chloe can only take one a day)
-Now Chloe's Slut level will give a bonus to when Chloe's get exhibitionism . + ,1 per Slut-level when she get to 1.0 she gets a extra point
-fixed wrong animation on level-up when you fast click a scene -Chloe will get more exhibitionism when her Slut is high
-fixed a lot of crashed on windows when you saw too much sex in a single day with low RAM
-fixed The bug where if you clicked too fast you could do thing without using energy
-Fixed The voice of bella saying 'HEEEY' On the intro menu
-fixed Bug where a new slut point will not add while the old one animations still on screen (fast clicking for the win)
-fixed bug that if you skipped to much some stats would not add and make the game harder-longer-grinder  

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