Blood, Sweat & Runes: Serial novel

Hello, everyone!

Please allow me to introduce you to Blood, Sweat & Runes, the first serial novel to be published here on my Patreon. I'm excited! Are you excited?

Blood, Sweat & Runes is an urban fantasy comedy set (mostly) in New York. An earlier version was posted on a now dead website. If you read it back then, thanks for coming back! This version is around 15K words longer (now actually a novel and not a novella), so you will find brand new material in the story.

I will be posting at least one chapter every month until the novel is complete, and you can find every available chapter by clicking the appropriate tag (Blood Sweat & Runes) at the bottom of each post.

- But you need to be a patron in order to view the chapters themselves. Any tier will do!

Now, here is the blurb:

Elliot Warren works in customer support as a “have you tried turning it off and on again?” guy. - When he is not researching magic and painting runes in blood to try out ancient spells, that is.

He is searching for something to propel his investigation forward and maybe even explain why he’s able to work incantations that no one else can when he runs into a woman who claims to know all about him and offers him a job that will allow him to do all the research he wants and work with a team of skilled people for a secret organization. But things are about to heat up, and Elliot’s skills are put to the test when the team is facing an adversary who sticks at nothing to win.

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