My dev diary#14 – Too much coding today

Actually, there was a lot of progress today. Unfortunately, it isn't seeable at the first glance. I did so much coding: Created the classes for upcoming, skills, skilltree, recipes and the recipe list in general. For all of these things a lot of code is involved and now needs to be implemented into the characters and the object to interact together.

First crafting recipe already visible

As you can see in the screenshot the first recipe is already visible: The knife. It will be our first tool on the mission. We can attack animals and dissect them with this little tool which will lead to more options in our game. It will be the first item craftable, which means that any character can do it. Afterwards you need to be more skilled in crafting to achieve better tools etc.

With this step a lot of basic concepts will be implemented and leading us to new features such as other activities like cooking, hunting and combating. We also will need to equip items to our characters in addition to our already available inventory.

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