Lust Man Standing v0.5 - Sex Galore

Hi everyone, 

At this point, I think developing this game and weight loss goes hand in hand. It was quite challenging making all the animations this time around, but I'm getting so much better at it.

This is definitely one of the most sex-filled update so far. More than five events focusing on "Roommate", Kaylie and Delilah. I've also introduced four new characters and you'll get to see more of them in the future.

===== Updated to v0.5.0.4 =====

Windows: MEGA 

Mac: MEGA 

Linux:  MEGA 

As for the next update, I'm hoping to release it on August 23.

Thank you so much to all my patrons. I really appreciate all the support you've given me. Please feel free to let me know what you liked and didn't like about the game. I take your feedback very seriously. Now I need some sleep. I've stayed up for way too long.

If you find any bugs, let me know on Discord,



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