Orono Executive Charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct Involving 16-Year-Old

By MN Crime Watch, July 30, 2019

Douglas Phares Gielow has been charged with fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct involving a 16-year-old girl who said that he sexually assaulted her in April when she was a guest at his home, according to a criminal complaint filed in Hennepin County.

According to the complaint, Gielow and his wife had been at the home of the victim’s family on April 12 for a social event. The victim said that Gielow had engaged in physical contact with her during the event that was “awkward” and “weird,” including pinning her foot between his feet under the table, touching her knee with his hand under the table, and wrapping his body around her and dragging her to the dance floor, and touching her buttocks when they stood next to each other for a photo.

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(Image: Partial criminal complaint)

The next evening, April 13, the girl was at the home of Gielow along with her younger sister and Gielow’s son. The plan was for Gielow to drive the victim and her sister back home around 11 p.m. At some point Gielow’s wife went to bed and the victim’s sister and Gielow’s son had gone to another room to sleep. The victim fell asleep on the couch with Gielow, according to the complaint.

The victim awoke to Gielow shaking her and saying it was 1:15 in the morning. Gielow then started touching the victim on her leg and then moved on to her feet, removed her socks and put his mouth on her toes. Gielow touched the victim’s upper thigh and genital area over her clothing and then reached under the victim’s clothing and touched the victim’s genitals while asking her questions about her sports and hobbies and “acted like everything was normal,” the complaint said.

Gielow eventually stopped touching the victim and said he “shouldn’t have done that.” Gielow woke up the victim’s sister and his son and said he need to take the girls home. While the victim and Gielow sat in the vehicle waiting for the other two, Gielow asked girl if she was okay, and she didn’t answer. The girls arrived home around 2 a.m. on Sunday, according to the complaint.

Later that day the victim confided in a family member during an outing that something had happened at Gielow’s house the night before. The family member advised the mother who then tried to talk to the girl over the next two days about what had happened, but the victim was reluctant to tell her mother anything. The victim’s mother ultimately called police two days later in hope that authorities could ascertain what had happened, and the victim eventually divulged to police and a victims’ services interviewer what had happened.

Investigators made multiple unsuccessful attempts to contact Gielow and interview him. On one occasion after the sexual assault, Gielow used his car to barricade a member of the victim's family in Gielow's driveway while Gielow’s wife loudly asserted to the family member that the allegation of sexual assault was false, the complaint said.

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(Image: Partial criminal complaint)

Gielow, 49, was charged by warrant on July 3, and was arrested by authorities with the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office on July 23 and booked into Hennepin County Jail.

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(Image: Douglas Gielow booking record, Hennepin County Jail)

The criminal complaint lists Gielow’s address on North Shore Drive in Orono on a strip of land between Maxwell Bay and Crystal Bay. Gielow’s LinkedIn page says he’s an executive with a national medical device company headquartered in California.

Gielow was released from custody about five hours after booking on $30,000 bond and is scheduled to make his next court appearance on August 19.

(Top photo: Douglas Gielow, Source: Hennepin County Sheriff)



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