The Young Protectors - Truth or Dare, Page 24
Oh, this is such a double-fake. He’s totally going to say Flyboy.

I’m at San Diego Comic Con this week! I’ll have both Artifice and advance copies of The Young Protectors V1 graphic novels to sell along with special The Young Protectors prints. I’ll be at the Prism Booth – BOOTH # 2144 in Hall C:

I’d love to get a chance to meet you, so if you’re there, please stop by and say hi!

Also, earlier this week, I was able to post the final version of Kyle’s Full Monty Pin-up with its painted background by Marccus here on Patreon:

I really like the scene Marccus has created here. Nice and romantic and cozy. And I like imagining how that fire got started. Fun!

So! Now we know why Fluke would choose to put a ring on Kyle’s finger. But why would he want to throw sweet Tsunami off a cliff?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! :)

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