Creativity update July 2019


It's time for my July creativity update.

Actions in July

  • Runequest: I  keep on translating Runequest into Swedish with Johan Lundström as my Glorantha guru. This job moves ahead without hiccups.
  • Expert Nova: The manuscript is currently in the proof-reading stage. During July, Fredrik Barkö provided useful input on field equipment; he is a sergeant and medic in Hemvärnet (the quick-response militia of the Swedish army). Elin Blixt has delivered about half of the interior artwork and I expect the rest to arrive by the end of August. Also, Tomas Arfert will deliver the cover during August.  
  • Future Expert Nova settings: The Expert Nova rules book is issue #1 a planned Nova series. I have started outlining three setting books for tentative publication in 2020, 2021 and 2022. They deal with milieus that a) currently aren't covered by other Swedish game publishers and b) fit in the "recent past/contemporary/near future" paradigm of the rules book. However,  I will not discuss the characteristics of the trio at this stage.

Decisions in July

  • None of importance.

Delays in July

  •  Dusk and Dawn. During July, my youngest daughter and I have enjoyed summer vacations together. Consequently, there has been less time for writing, so I have put  Dusk and Dawn in the back-burner till mid-August.
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