Spline Toolkit, First Stage

We will be sending out the first stage of the Spline Toolkit to our patrons soon.

First of all, a big round of thanks to all the patrons for supporting us and coming up with great suggestions.

The video should give you an overview of how it works.

This version is still a beta, if you find any issues, please report them. Also, the alignment along the spline will be reworked in the next couple of days.

The on-line documentation is available here:  https://wiki.db-w.com/tools/s-tk/start 

We'll also be releasing sample scenes in the next couple of days. On that note, if you have any simple scenes that showcase the db&w Tools, we'd love to share them with other patrons.

We'd like to thank our patrons again for their support. If you'd like to have a closer look at the development as it happens, please join us on Discord.

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