Announcing REWARD ARCHIVE posts for 4th October 2018 -> 7th August 2019 including the full Better Than The Book Discography Mp3s + WAVs + behinds the scenes articles and demos!

Hello everyone and a warm welcome to new patrons and visitors if you're reading too! I have a huge update about this Patreon page to share with you today as I announce the first set of "Reward Archive" posts for the convenience of Patreon supporters and new patrons!

You can now use the tag "REWARD ARCHIVE" (all caps) to access posts which summarize and collect all the rewards for your tier from October 4th 2018 to August 7th 2019, instead of having to search through posts manually to find the past rewards for your tier when you sign up! 

These months' rewards cover the full discography for my ska punk / pop punk project Better Than The Book (as of August 2019), and the posts are there for your convenience so you can pick up all these rewards (Mp3s, WAVs, artwork and more depending in your tier) in one place, including:

  • One Small Step EP 
  • Heartbeats [The Knife] + GG [Good Game]  
  • Meteor Shower 2017 demo, MLGG + Stars Racing {Patreon exclusive}
  • Two Years On album  
  • Two Years On [Instrumentals] album
  • A selection of pre-BTTB demos {Patreon exclusive} 
  • Hopes and Dreams album + press photos, lyric sheets, and a behind the scenes studio photo and story     

Become a monthly patron for as little as $1 to access all the music above as well as all the music to come in the future while you remain a patron!

For those of you signed up the $10+ DEMOlition Pigeon tier, you also have access to all the work in progress, demos and behind the scenes monthly articles too including:   

  • A sneak peek at "(The Travelling To See Eva Song)" 
  • Journey into "Get A Haircut"
  • One Small Step's artwork story + a new mix 
  • A deep dive into "Meteor Shower"
  • More Better Than The Book artwork stories + another first(ish) draft mix from the new album
  • Work in progress artwork for the upcoming Hopes and Dreams album + a demo master for track 06 "Get A Haircut"
  • An in depth look into the creation of the Hopes and Dreams album cover (+ demo alternatives)
  • A behinds the scenes look into "The Hardest Part"
  • A behinds the scenes look into "Artificial Ignorance"
  • A behinds the scenes look into "And I Fear"

More Better Than The Book to come soon, but the next few months after this post will be focused on my electronic / cinematic project Jabun and some other exciting things! Until the next post, thanks so much for supporting Better Than The Book, Jabun and my various music projects here on Patreon, I hope you enjoy the music above and what's to come, and take care!

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