My dev diary#16 – Refactoring

I was working on a video about the topic "Finite State Machine" for my Godot Tutorials, while doing that I was hungry for more I started to implement it in a better way in my code. I came up with a lot of refactoring of code and made things better. Now I should do another video with part two of "Finite State Machine" :D

Video log, which shows early prototype footage

That said on Friday there was a new video log released on my YouTube Channel, which shows the first footage of our prototype: You should check this one out, since I show and explain a lot about our upcoming game.

Struggle with time management for marketing actions

At the moment I have the feeling marketing is making progress. By this I mean we got some new Patreons, my YouTube channel is filled with new content and I was able to reach 218 Subscriber. I got a lot of positive feedback and comments on reddit about our prototype footage. But there is one thing, which I kills me at the moment: All the effort I have to spent to create this content and spread it. I have like three different schedules for all different platforms and perform a lot of marketing actions per day. Each Patreon post means: Write post and schedule it, schedule a tweet for it, schedule a facebook post for it. Write a news about it on my website, making a reddit post etc. 

This is all fine and I like to see more interest in my projects, but it is very slow and time consuming. This time could be invested into free time or developing actual at the game. Since all of that don't provide any income for me, it is even harder to have the discipline and motivation to do it every day again.

Don't get me wrong I like what I am doing and how committed I am to it, but the success could be really measurable or at least somehow profitable. As a funny side note I won more money betting on Starcraft 2 games last weekend than I made with my Indie Studio the last month and this makes me very sad sometimes ...

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