And then there were 3! Major updates to the Patreon page, rewards tiers, and goals + REWARD ARCHIVE posts for the convenience of new Patrons!

Hi everyone and hope you're having a great week so far! Today I have some major updates to share with you for this Patreon page, and with Better Than The Book's Hopes and Dreams album (and entire discography) now out and up on Patreon, it seemed like the prefect time for some well needed revamping!

To start with, I've reassessed the reward tiers and reduced it down to 3, waving goodbye to the others as there were no subscribers to those and it was just extra work for me. So long! The 3 remaining tiers are as follows and you can read more about them on the main Patreon page here.

$1 - Pigeon (Same as before)
$5 - Hi-Fi Early Pigeon (Same as the previous $5 Early Pigeon tier)
$10 - DEMOlition Pigeon (Same as before)

With these remaining tiers, I've also updated the descriptions to be bullet pointed for clear communication of the rewards and added in the explicit reward of gaining access to all past rewards for your tier!

Speaking of which, for the convenience of patrons too, I’ve put together "REWARD ARCHIVE" posts so you can quickly access all rewards from October 4th 2018 to August 7th 2019 which include the full Better Than The Book discography and more! No longer will you need to sift through all the past posts manually to grab your rewards; it's all in one place now (up until August 7th 2019). Neat stuff, and feel free to read more about it in the post below:

With the changes to the rewards and these new convenient additions, the main Patreon description and intro video seemed a bit out of date and irrelevant so the intro video has been temporarily removed and the description updated to better reflect where things are now, rather than when I first started on Patreon a year ago. The space where video was is now occupied by one of the press photos from the Hopes and Dreams album campaign and I hope to have new intro video put together later this year.

Finally, with all the changes, achievements and a whole year gone past since I first set them, it felt like a great time to reassess my Patreon goals and so there are now only 3 goals for what I hope to achieve when we reach $100, $500, and $2000 a month. The accompanying descriptions I feel are more realistic to what I think I can achieve and I hope will help people to see where I hope to get with my music. As with the rewards tiers and description, you can find all these updates on the main Patreon page here.

And that about wraps up all the updates for today! Tomorrow I'll be releasing the final and title track from Better Than The Book's Hopes and Dreams album on YouTube, Newgrounds and SoundCloud so stay tuned for more music, thanks as always for supporting my projects on Patreon, and I'll see you again tomorrow! Take care and have a great afternoon :) 

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