I do trickster so well

It's a whimsical post today! From Heiress of Rebellion. I get fuzzy feelings when I write fairy-tale stuff from the viewpoints of my youngest characters! I'm getting soo close to finishing Heiress of Rebellion, too! I'd like to get it out this fall, though maybe that's too ambitious. But it's a lovely, wondrous, gorgeous monster of a book and I'm in love :-)

     *   *   *

The cakes were squished.

As Alycia and Kaden panted to a halt at the top of the stairs before the highest tower door—a massive oaken affair that loomed ogre-like over them—Kaden unpeeled his fingers from the spongy, sticky goo, his expression forlorn, and Alyce had to bite her lip to contain her smile.

He caught her eye. “That’s what I get for winning,” came his lament.

“Ha!” She shook her skirts briskly. “That’s what you get for being a trickster.”

He grinned and licked one of his fingers. “I do trickster so well.” He offered her his other cake-smeared hand. “Honey cake?”

“I don’t lick squashed food off fingers.” She grabbed his wrist. “I bite it.”

He squawked, and the next several moments were lost to a mock fight interspersed with bouts of uncontrolled giggles, until finally they sank down against the wall, jocund and blithe and merrily licking cake off their smeared fingers.

Now who’s the trickster?” Kaden nudged her.

She sniffed. “I’m a trickster by retaliation. That’s different from a trickster by nature like you.”

Kaden covered his sputtered laughter, and as he climbed nimbly to his feet, Alycia secretly thanked the Absent God that he’d survived the goblin realm of the poor quarter, and that they’d been restored to their palace of marble colonnades and tinkling fountains and whimsical towers with troll-sized doors such as this one, which Kaden was swinging open to reveal…

“A prison for a captive princess.” He spoke in a theatrical whisper, staring into a spacious silken bedchamber of white carpet and pale gold designs, where a bed rippled with white silk behind a gauzy canopy, and golden candles shone on every surface, scenting the place with honey.

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