Get Your OC In Da Pukas!

That's right!  All people in the Blood Orange tier ($10 a month) can get your own OC into Da Pukas as a background character.  What this means is anytime I need a character in to fit a random role in the comic, that I don't have a personally created character there to fill, then I will choose a character my my collection of background characters to fill the void.  Above is the ones I have currently. What this means is your character could be seen as a patron of in the background, a shop owner, a guard, or they might even interact with the characters themselves.  


1. All chosen randomly by me when I need characters to fill in a void, so you can give details on what you character likes or does, but I can't promise those traits will be applied.  

2. All OCs submitted MUST be animal characters of some sort, humans no longer exist in the world of Da Pukas, so if you give me a human character I will have to make them into an animal to use them.  

3. No giant characters like Quetz or Chacal, all characters have to be a size that can interact with Da Pukas character in the village they're currently at.  If you sent me a giant character, I will have no choice to convert them to a smaller character to work with the comic.

4. I'm allowed to make changes to the character you submit so that they fit properly with the world of the comic as well as my art style.  So if your character has a complicated outfit or super detailed armor, don't be surprised if I simplify it.

5.  No puka OCs.  The main 6 pukas are meant to be the only ones in the comic, so please don't create one and submit it.

6. All OCs submitted will be used.

7. Only one OC per person.

With that said, if you join the Blood Orange Tier ($10 a month) or are already a member of that tier, please send me a message with a link to your OC and I'll add them to my BG character list ASAP.

PS. Some slight changes to the goals as well!  Can get public Cartoon Commentary videos twice a week if we reach $200 for example.

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