“Gotcha” Day Anniversary

A year ago, we were all moved in to our new place and it was suddenly TIME. Time to welcome a new cat into the space that Beadie, my dearest little friend, had left behind her. I started haunting Petfinder sites and planning visits to shelters, with the idea “maybe a kitten?” forming. I saw a rescue that had lots of kitten pairs up for adoption and wrote to them, and they steered me toward these little goofballs:

“Nutella” then, Henrietta Kim Wexler Pussycat now.

Daniel Jason Mendoza Striped Tiger.

We visited them at the foster home and met the wonderful Peggy and her many Large Adult Boy Cats named after historic presidents, went to see a matinee of Won’t You Be My Neighbor, filled out the adoption application So. Damn. Fast., gambled a large amount of household funds on a Chewy Order of supplies (we were either going to get THESE kittens or SOME kittens, I figured) and on 8/7 we got the greenlight to pick them up on the 8th.

Here they are getting acclimated to the downstairs bathroom, with our recently-worn shirts so they could get used to our smell.

Here they are relaxing on my feet while I pretended to get work done on the downstairs futon.

Behold, a series of photos of them in the fluffy kitten hammock.

A recurring theme: Daniel using his sister as a futon.

He still does this:

But there are lots of side-by-side times, too:

(Daniel weighs approx. 1.5 Henriettas and makes a very good Big Spoon).

I can and will post infinity photos, mostly today I want to mark a day when my world changed. Mornings had meant waking up and freshly remebering loss and missing my tiny shadow, but now they became about rushing downstairs to see what the tiny buddies were up to. (We kept them on the lower level for a few months, though once they conquered the barricade screen they conquered it HARD).

Hello, tiny friends. You make life better.

They aren't blobs of kitten potential anymore. Daniel: Loves pets and head-rubs and belly-rubs, will come pat your hand or thigh with his paws when he wants attention, will turn anything into a toy, is timid with visitors and loud noises but will sometimes surprise guests by presenting himself for snuggles. He has a ton of little routines mapped out through the day, like, blocking us from climbing the stairs until we pet him sufficiently, repeated stair by stair up the entire flight. Henrietta: Afraid of nothing, food-motivated, affectionate entirely on her terms (will shrink from most attempts to pet her but will also plop herself on you, drooling and purring, demanding IMMEDIATE love before running away), vocal, good at hiding, not as energetic a player but will suddenly surprise you with leaps and bounds, will drag toys around with her and yell at you to play with them. They're healthy, happy, and hilarious. 

Not bad for a year.

If you are in Chicago and need to get your own pair of hooligans, the rescue is currently overrun with cute faces from overflowing shelters downstate. Check out: Henrietta's twin! Look at Daniel's personality twin, Mr. Goldie! Look at these adorable brothers, Owl & Pussycat! So many cute small friends, so little time. 

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