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Welcome to the world of the Cigar Enthusiast and Gastronomist.    

There a few things I enjoy in life, two of them are enjoying a fine cigar and being a Chef. The two really go together well as they create a certain level of Zen. The relaxation of the cigar coupled with creating recipes that incorporate experiences around the world. Call it bringing things home to roost. 

The flavor profiles in the Premium Cigars bring to life or accompany the gourmand experiences involving some interesting food, wine and cocktail pairings. By the way, do not forget the hops as my first experience with a cigar involved the hops of the Budweiser! Yes, I might be a redneck, so be it. 

 Temet nosce  “Know thyself.” This has two meanings to me. First, even though the majority of the people perceives something as the truth, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is indeed the truth or the right thing to do. Make sure you stay true to yourself and choose what you think is the right choice. Second, make sure to be yourself no matter how others prefer to perceive you. True friends will like you for you, and not the you they prefer to see. 

  Living an Aficionado life is gorging on every aspect of living and challenging staid societal norms, perhaps rendering them asunder. 


Gearing up in leather or denim is part of the process with the final putting on of the leather gloves to absorb that fantastic cigar smoke, is erotic and sensual. 

Lighting the chosen stick means I am taking the time to enjoy and relax. In todays world, that says something about the person. Regional gastronomy also comes into play with the enjoyment of the stick. 

                     Carpe Diem!

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