Better Exceptions v1.06 (Hotfix Update)

Small but crucial update to BE:

  • Hotfix for how BE reads Wicked Whims version info.
  • Added handling for corrupt package files - previously this would cause the package tracker to cancel scanning. This will make package detection more accurate.
  • Corrupted packages will be included in the invalid tuning mod section.
  • Corrected a case where valid objects were added to invalid object data, causing unnecessary scans. 
  • Loaded Scripts section now highlights when you have a .zip formatted mod, meaning it's likely outdated.
  • iOS Hotfix - Helpers were reporting that they were not able to expand report boxes on iOS mobile browsers. Fixed so they can view the full report.

NOTE: If you have "Share Usage Data" turned off in Gameplay Options -> Other, you'll need to manually delete your LastException.txts each time you resolve an issue. A future version of BE will account for this automatically, but I didn't have time to implement that in this update.


If you have BE already, you should be prompted in game to automatically update. If your network or firewall is blocking it, you may need to install it manually. 

Download the .ts4script directly to your mods folder.

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