286 Mal, the Capital

Travelers from foreign lands!

This is Mal, a metropolis and capital of a mid-sized kingdom. I'd been wanting to do a city layout which consisted in concentric circles and several layers of walls. The result is very visually enticing. One of the internal wall-circles protudes from the outer wall. This one includes Mal Palace, the home of Queen Galiana. Outside of the city walls, the bridge district is an interesting place to visit. Scores of stores and merchants sells their wares on the bridge itself. It is wide enough and resistant enough to build on. A true marvel of engineering which also functions as a defensive measure. Both ends of the bridge feature a fortified gatehouse.

I've written some lore and descriptions of the labeled locations in the PDF document included for patreon supporters. Pledge today and get this and hundreds of other maps and adventures.

Elven Tower

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