FW : Chapter 7. 1

Hook His Finger (I)

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Ye Sui enjoyed the dinner very much. However the male-female protagonist, Chen Xiu and Chang Ying, first date was hindered by two unwanted guests. Without a doubt their mood was screwed up.

Truthfully this was Chang Ying's own doing in order to befriend the Chen family. But she didn't expect to spoil their first date. In addition, Ye Sui noticed Chen Xiu's expression was gloomy.

While leaving, Ye Sui did not continue to brazenly hold Chen Shu's arm. After all, a moment ago she had sworn to restrain herself. Yet, if she did it again, Chen Shu inevitably would be suspicious.

Ye Sui didn't know that her idea was already conspicuous to Chen Shu. She followed Chen Shu firmly in case she will see a terrible ghost later.

While waiting for the elevator, they caught a glimpse of a group men coming out finished drinking, that invoked Chen Xiu's eyes to brighten. Seeing as he recognized all at once these people were several senior employees of Huarui.

Chen Xiu said his greetings to Wang Chuan from a distance, knowing Wang Chuan was in charge of the movie department. Chen Xiu also talked with him about cooperation before, but it failed in the end. "Is President Chen with you?" Chen Xiu took an indirect approach to ask, revealing his intention.

Wang Chuan hesitated for a few seconds, "General Chen..." 

Several high-level eyes glanced at Chen Shu in the same direction and found Chen Shu standing there with somewhat lowered eyes and has a thoughtful appearance. He looked a little tired and didn't seem to want to stay here.

Wang Chuan, "Went back early."

Chen Shu slightly picked up the corner of his eyes, his expression was calm and satisfied, as if this answer he was expected.

Several other people quickly added, "A few of us stayed to drink."

Chen Xiu's replied with inevitable regret, "It turned out to be so."  

These group of men were afraid of being discovered. Therefore, they only take one look at Chen Shu before withdrawing their sight. In spite of this, they still noticed the woman next to their boss. Because the light was too dim to see who it was, but they could vaguely see that the woman had a stunning figure.

"Who is the woman next to the boss?"

Ye Sui followed Chen Shu upon leaving, two people standing side by side, distance between the body is not long or short. A minute ago, Ye Sui had a lot of guts to hold Chen Shu's arm. That spur of courage disappeared this time.

Fortunately, in the closed space of the elevator, Chen Shu was beside her and Ye Sui did not encounter anything that would scare her.

The elevator slowly descended. Ye Sui thought she could go home, but then, the elevator suddenly shook fiercely and stopped.

It stopped at the 13th floor and all the lights in the elevator went out.

In the dark, Ye Sui subconsciously took a step toward Chen Shu. Who knows what will happen in such a dark situation, so it was safer to stand closer to Chen Shu. 

Ye Sui leaned on side, took a quick glance at Chen Shu. She narrowed her eyes, carefully understood that those series of movements she made did not seem to affect Chen Shu at all.

"Chen ... S-shu...Shu..." When Ye Sui opened her mouth, her voice shook in a hopeless way. "Are you ... not afraid?" Ye Sui only saw Chen Shu's distinct outline and sensed that Chen Shu glanced at her.

At this moment, the emergency phone in the elevator suddenly rang. In the quiet elevator, it seemed explicitly abrupt and made Ye Sui's legs shake with fear.

When the phone was connected, there was no voice on the other line, instead, it was, “Rip, Rippp---,” the sound of tearing. 

However, this was not strange for her. Ever since she transmigrated, she always felt suspicious to the world in which she lived.

The next second, Chen Shu answered Ye Sui's question with his behavior. He didn't hesitate to walked to the front of the phone and picked up the phone.

Facts have proved that Ye Sui pondered too much. The staff told them that the elevator broke down and stopped at the 13th floor. If they could get the elevator door to open, they could cross the corridor and take another elevator to go down or take the stairs.

Very timely, the elevator door slowly opened up after hanging up the phone, as if waiting for them. Chen Shu stood still and did not go out, but was a gentleman and waited for her to get out of the elevator.

"We should go out."

At the moment when the outside light came in, Ye Sui's stiff body loosened and Chen Shu’s short four words made her completely relieved.

The corridor was empty, with soft yellow light was on the top and the floor was covered with thick carpet. Everything seemed normal.

Isn't it a one-day tour on the 13th floor? There is nothing to be afraid of.  

Ye Sui acted in a calm manner while telling herself that she was not afraid.

 She followed Chen Shu closely and waited to cross this corridor, she moved further. 

Sadly, her premonitions were often right. They had yet to walk half a step of the corridor when the bright lights began to flash and flicker. She almost thought she entered a horror film set.

Ye Sui glanced at the next room, wondering if it was her illusion. The rooms should on this floor were all empty and no one was staying in them.

"Mom and Dad!"

To be continue........

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