FW : Chapter 7.2

Hook His Finger (II)

Editor : Daisy

"Mom and Dad!"

 Two voices sounded in the empty corridor and yet no one approached the voices. These soft and flabby voices was coming from children.

Ye Sui instantly got goosebumps. As soon as she lifted her eyes, a pair of twins were standing at the end of the corridor, wearing the same cute skirt. 

They were standing at the edge of the elevator, as if they were waiting for them to go in.

The children's face was chubby, seeing Ye Sui, their expressions were astounded. Soon, their eyes lit up, and felt as if they had found their mother,

If the twins were really adorable, Ye Sui would be able to recognize them. But the twins had their own methods of death, one with a devious head and one with a broken arm. 

Ye Sui turned to look at Chen Shu at once, who was completely unaware of it and bravely headed to the direction of the twins. 

Ye Sui quickly stepped, and then conveniently latch on his sleeves. After she grabbed Chen Shu's shirt, she looked back at the empty corridor.  

It didn’t work! The twins were still there.

Chen Shu was forcibly pulled in place, fortunately, he did not cling to go forward. Ye Sui’s hands were latched at corner of his sleeve his clothes. He didn't swayed it and acquiesced with her behavior.  

Because of Ye Sui's movements, the twins ghost began to run towards her with the little bear doll in their hands.

If you don't come, then we will come.

"Dad, mom, hold on-" 

Because of these typical coquettish tone of the twin and the special effects of flickering lights. Ye Sui almost cried in front of Chen Shu. This sudden blow made her talked without reason.

"I don't want to be a mother."  

Ye Sui said words, matched with her grievances expression. Chen Shu could not help but think that he forced Ye Sui to have a baby. 

Soon, Ye sui unhurried came back to her senses. In such a short period of time, she was able to analyze the situation that just occurred.

It turned out that it was useless to touch Chen Shu's sleeve alone. If you want the ghost to disappear, you must have direct contact with any of Chen Shu body parts.

Ye Sui looked at the twin ghost trotting along. She bit her teeth and extended a finger toward Shen Shu. She ignored the words she had just said. 

"You and I gonna play a game of <E.T> Have you seen it?"

(T/N: E.T is a.video game)

Chen Shu stared at Ye Sui's face for a while, his beautiful eyes again revealing doubts, but he seemed to see a pleading expression from her eyes. 

Chen Shu lowered his eyes and pondered a little. He raised his hand steadily, held out his hands, and slowly to the direction of Ye Sui. 

Not far away, twin ghosts who misidentified their parents were running towards them. Ye Sui was trembling with fear and looked worried. She felt that she had seen them long enough.  

Until their fingertips meet, and the skin touched.

Ye Sui‘s ten fingers were frozen, but his finger temperature was warm. 

Soon the twins ghosts that were almost in front of Ye Sui, she immediately closed her eyes, at the moment of touching the fingertips of Chen Shu, felt a warm touch, everything was silent. The sound she heard disappeared. Ye Sui slowly opened her eyes. The flickering lights stopped and the lights returned to normal.  

The empty corridor it seemed as if there was no end to it.

Chen Shu was still looking at Ye Sui. She just opened her eyes in a daze. The next second her expression had become firm, swearing to grasp his fingers do not let go. 

The reflected light on her face, her delicate and small nose tip had a thin layer of sweat, her ears were red so she took a deep breath.

Chen Shu did not know what had happened, but only saw his wife's mood change very quickly from panic to stability. Then he concluded that his wife’s mood changed very fast. His good-looking lips were actually a little bent, and he couldn’t help but smile. 

Ye Sui stared blankly, she heard Chen Shu voice that has only been calm, suddenly laugh. 

End of Chapter.

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