FW : Chapter 8.1

Worth Millions (I)

Editor: Daisy

When Chen Shu doesn't smile, his body radiates cold so that no one can approach.

And now, when he laughs, his laughter was in low spirits, his eyes were twitching, but when he looked down at her, there was a clear smile in his eyes.

What are you laughing at?

Ye Sui herself knew that what she had just done was really beyond normal people's ability, but Chen Shu's reaction was different from what she had imagined before, and this time, she panicked.

On the other hand, Ye Sui also utterly achieved her goal. Now she just had to maintain it.

Ye Sui did not withdraw her hand after holding onto Chen Shu's fingertips. She thought she had hooked Chen Shu's hands smoothly. "I just found out now that your hands are pretty good-looking. Is it alright for me to hold you to the elevator and then let go?" Ye Sui pulled out an explanation and used the pure reason of appreciating fingers to get away with it.

Chen Shu didn't agree or promise. Yet, Ye Sui was afraid Chen Shu didn't agree, so she simply hooked their hands going towards the elevator.

Knowing the twins were still there, if she released Chen Shu's hand, the two children would hug her thigh and call her mother.

If that were to happen, she wouldn’t be able to hold the two of them by herself. So she might as well put one into Chen Shu's arms. Alright! Let's move over to our newly daughters today.

The journey to the elevator was not long, but it was unending for Ye Sui, who felt like every minute was comparable to year. In order to survive, Ye Sui used all means to hold Chen Shu hands several times.

But in such a quiet environment, she could hear each other's breathing. Ye Sui felt awkward, luckily Chen Shu did not ask, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to make up a more clumsy lie.

As soon as they arrived at the elevator, Ye Sui loosened Chen Shu's hand and retreated to the corner of the elevator to reduce her sense of existence and reflect at her doings.

She can't always rely on Chen Shu's good temper and soft personality, and let him do what he should do, right? 

While Ye Sui’s mood was not too good, Chen Shu was quiet.

He leaned against the handrail of the elevator, his head hanging down, and his eyes fell on the finger that had just been held by Ye Sui. His expression was light and he didn’t know what he was thinking.


The next day, Ye Sui was called to the company by Renjie, and she talked about the related issues of filming in the group for a long time. 

Renjie was afraid that Ye Sui’s improvement in attitude would only temporarily. So she would give Ye Sui sincere advice everyday.

Just after she suffered from torment (T/N : Renjie nagging) she finally walked out of the room.There were many people standing outside the nearest elevator. As a result, Ye Sui turned directly into another corridor.

Near the elevator there was a woman talking on the phone. Ye Sui had a little impression of this woman. It was Qin Xin, chairman of Weizhi Group. She started her career from scratch with her husband, who had a deep affection for her.

Weizhi Group was also involved in the entertainment industry. Many stars wished to have connections with her. Renjie had also given a list to Ye Sui and recorded these big names.

But Ye Sui didn't want to climb up, because she found a ghost beside Qin Xin.

Ye Sui saw this ghost when she was shooting an advertisement before. At that time, the little sister ghost followed Pei Ning's side and kept on berating her.

Pei Ning and her beloved idol had a relationship before, but later Pei Ning became popular, she dumped her idol. This crazy fangirl ghost died chasing an idol on the road, with a glow stick in her hand.

Ye Sui glanced only, and stopped. She stood at the front door of the elevator and waited for the elevator to come up.

But Ye Sui's wish was not fulfilled. With her spare time, she saw the fangirl ghost floating out the stairwell and coming all the way in her direction without stopping at all.

Ye Sui's eyes were fixed on the floor number of the elevator, pretending to be ignorant.

The elevator went up one floor after another and soon arrived at hers. Ye Sui couldn't help holding her breath and was finally relieved.

"Hey hey, can you see me?" The ghost asked, making Ye Sui scared to the point of almost running.

Hi guys! A special Shout-out to @Daisy our editor for this novel I would like to say: "Thank you for taking the time to help me, it really meant a lot."

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