FW : Chapter 8.2

Worth Millions (II)

Edited by: Daisy

However, for a long time, Ye Sui would always bump into ghosts so she had gained with so much experience.  She was now capable of pretending to be calm without changing her facial expression.

The fangirl ghost talks whiled waving a light stick. She didn’t believe in Ye Sui's disguise. Giving Ye Sui a deadly glare, “I really want to poke your face "

During her scolding, the light stick in her hand accidentally slipped from her hand and flew towards Ye Sui. 

"Ah, my baby glow stick." The fangirl ghost quickly floated over and picked up her baby.

For once, Ye Sui really thought the elevator was too slow. After she picked the glow stick, the fangirl ghost drifted back towards Ye Sui..

I can't see you, I can't hear you, so please go away...

Several staff members came up from a distance, "After this, we should arrange Chang Ying on a reality show and variety shows.”

The crazy fangirl ghost pouted her lips and floated to the front of the staff, with an angry face she asked, "The variety show that Chang Ying would take would definitely lose its popularity. With her character, who would like it?" This fangirl ghost was not only a star-studded fan, in addition she knew most of the stars in the entertainment circle.

The staff began to discuss other people again, "Take a look at Qi Xian. He used this trend and he didn’t have much future development”

The fangirl ghost’s temper was instantly ignited! She smashed the staff's head with a glow stick, "What is wrong with your eyes! My beloved idol is a fairy who comes down to earth and works hard every day, surely the future can only be good!


The elevator arrived, Ye Sui tried to maintain her pace, step by step into the elevator, yet the fangirl ghost also followed her up.

The temperature of the elevator dropped a lot in an instant. Ye sui silently counted down within her mind "ten, nine, eight ..."

The speed of the elevator descended like a flash and the fangirl ghost floated in front of Ye Sui, "I know your name is Ye Sui, you are little Chang Ying, but I think you better than the original Chang Ying."

Once they reached the first floor, Ye Sui came out of the elevator in haste. The sun was shining outside, and the ghost could not come out, but stopped at the front door of the elevator.

Ye Sui still had no courage to talk to fangirl ghost. Should she bring Chen Shu with her next time she goes to the company?


It wasn't long before Chen Xiu's press release for《Silent Valley. Suddenly, the news announcement was flying all over the sky.

Preparations for the blockbuster《Silence Valley》have been circulating for a long time in the industry, investing hundreds of millions of dollars. Huarui Company and Guangyi Film and Television Co., Ltd. can be said to be a strong alliance, but the male and female actors have not been determined.  

"I want to thank the director’s vision! Chen Xiu is really great. Obviously he is Mr Perfect! He never relies on family relations. He relied on his acting skills step by step until today. Finally, he can be recognized. This deal would be so good in the future!”

"Thank you Huarui and Guangyi for the opportunity. Thank you director, our Chen Xiu will work hard!" 


Huarui saw the news the first time. They had already decided who will play the leading roles two days ago, but it had not been announced yet. Chen Xiu certainly did not know that in order to get the role, his team had to pre-empt the audience to be satisfied with the casting and gain an advantage in public opinion.

The crew of 《Silent Valley》communicated with Huarui for a moment and said by implication that with such a large investment, the online discussion of Chen Xiu was too much now. If they will give out and beat their faces,** they will be totally torn. (T/N: giving face by just picking Chen Xiu as lead role.)

It is still the kind saying that is was completely shredded.(T/N: the movie will not be successful)

Chen family was a big business. Wang Chuan did not hold a meeting to discuss it. He knocked on the door and entered Chen Shu's office, "President Chen."

"The news that Chen Xiu is going to be in《Silence Valley has been spread all over the Internet, just one day before we announced the actors."

“ Hmm.” Chen Shu uttered calmly.

"I saw you and Chen Xiu in the same restaurant that day..." Wang Chuan hesitated. "I want to ask how to deal with Chen Xiu in this matter?"

Wang Chuan also incidentally thought of a woman beside his boss, but now the time was tight, this was not a good occasion to ask.

Chen Shu raised his eyebrows lightly, "Speak directly." Don't beat around the bush.

"Are you friends with Chen Xiu?" Wang Chuan felt that if the boss and Chen Xiu had a good relationship, they should be very careful when clarifying the news.

Chen Shu opens his mouth and spits out a few words, "Not a friend. I’m his third uncle.”

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