FW : Chapter 8.3

Worth Millions (III)

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Gao Dao said that Chen's family was powerful. They had a lot of good influence.

"..." Wang Chuan did not say the second half. The so-called influence was obviously that the directors did not want to offend the Chen Family.

Chen Shu leaned back slightly and drooped his eyelids. "You go to inform the crew that we will announce today."

Wang Chuan, "Chen's side..."

Chen Shu's eyelids jumped. He did not speak and looked up faintly, his dark eyes with the usual indifference, as if he did not care about anything.

Wang Chuan, ”I see.”

Half an hour later, 《Silence Valley》announced its real star, and officials said they had never contacted Chen Xiu. Suddenly, the Internet exploded again, questioning whether Chen Xiu wanted to grab resources.

Ten minutes later, Chen Xiu's studio jumped out to clarify. Not only did he forget all the news about the previous performance of《Silent Valley》, but he also said clarified that the black material was very fast and indicated that the rumor mongers would be prosecuted.

"What's the background of Chen's family? Does our brother need to touch porcelain to steal resources? If Chen Xiu doesn't want to work in the entertainment industry, he should go back and inherit his family business.”

"Obviously it’s the rumor maker’s problem. It has nothing to do with his older brother. He supports Chen Xiu in defending his rights." 


As a bystander, Ye Sui also saw the whole process of the farce. She couldn’t read the news on her mobile phone.

Ye Sui thought back of his Chen Xiu fell short several times in front of them when she was in Chen's Family home and the restaurant before. As a result, Huarui didn't contact him at all. She didn't hold back her laughter.

Acted like a conceited person in everything. Being cocky would eventually be struck by lightning (like karma) . Chen Xiu, the male protagonist, was the best example.

These times when she went out, she bumped into ghosts. So frequently that she felt like she was going to collapse. Fortunately, Chen Shu, the supplier of Yang energy, was around, otherwise her life would not be as comfortable as it is now.

Ye Sui decided that she would cook a dish for Chen Shu to make it up.

Ye Sui looked at the refrigerator and turned around at home. What kind of food should she cook?

Make scrambled eggs with tomatoes. It's delicious, but it's too homely. Cook noodles, right! She didn't know how to make new ideas.

Like this, she was embarrassed to have taken advantage of Chen Shu for so long. She didn’t know how to cook anything unique and sincere.

Ye Sui sat on the sofa, with her head in her hands, and racked her brains for a long time. Her vision wandered around in the living room, and something suddenly came into her sight.

Ye Sui eyes lit up! Yes, she knew what to do.

Ye Sui stood up and went to the shelf. She looked at the neatly arranged tea cake and showed a delicate smile.

(T/N: Tea Cake/Cha Bing - is an old form of delivering tea leaves to the consumer, particularly popular between the 6th to the 14th century. Considering the logistics and packaging capabilities of the time, it was very appropriate.)

Ye Sui picked up the tea cake one by one. That's it, She was going to make a tea-flavored chicken today.

If the tea cake had a soul, it would have shivering from fear and beg for mercy now in front of her.

Why has it become like this? I felt grievance, my heart is bitter, I am so noble, and yet, I’ve been unexpectedly made into a dish, boohoo..

Ye Sui was good at making tea-flavored chicken. She looked at the tea cake. There were many more tea cakes. It should be all right for her to use some.

Ye Sui rubbed her hands, and this time she must let Chen Shu feel her sincerity. 

Ye Sui went out to buy ingredients after she had gone through the steps of cooking in her mind. As soon as she got home, she began to prepare.

She also looked at the time specially. It was around 6 p.m., nearly two hours before Chen Shu came home.

Ye Sui has been with Chen Shu for some time. She already knew that Chen Shu would come home at 8 o'clock every night, and never postpone it.

She would make it by 8 o'clock to ensure Chen Shu has the best taste. 

Around 8 p.m.

The door opened right away. Chen Shu came in with no expression on his face.

It was a little different from normal times, as soon as Chen Shu entered the door, he smelled a fragrance. The house has not had a fire for a long time, and the aroma of the meal rarely appears.

Chen Shu did not look up and continued to change shoes. He changed his shoes, washed his hands and sat on the sofa.

At this time, he looked at a meal, where the line of sight is a pair of white slender hands, clean nails, without any color.

Ye Sui had a bowl in her hand and there were some dishes in the bowl. The fragrance he smelled just now came from here.

Chen Shu raised his head and raised his eyes to Ye Sui.

"Today I made a tea-flavored chicken. Would you like to try it?"

Chen Shu's intuition was somewhat wrong. He repeated, "Tea-flavored chicken?"

Ye Sui nodded: "There are only the ingredients at home, so I did it by hand." Ye Sui sat down, picked up the tea cake on the tea table, and shook it in front of Chen Shu. 

Chen Shu's eyes fell on the tea cake and turned it out of his deep memory. 

In Ye Sui's hands was worth millions of antique tea. Most people used is as a collection. He bought it and put it there. He would drink it when he remembered it.

Then Chen Shu looked down at the tea which had been cooked and perfectly blended with chicken. He did not know what to say for a moment.

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