FW : Chapter 9.1

Grab The Limelight (I)

Editor : Daisy 

The surroundings were quiet, and an odd feeling flowed between them. Seeing Chen Shu's reaction, Ye Sui asked, "What's wrong?"

Chen Shu shook his head, "Nothing."

The tea was expensive, but the money was nothing in Chen Shu's mind. After being surprised, he felt nothing in his heart now.

Ye Sui thought Chen Shu was unwilling to eat. She thought for a while, then picked up a piece, put it in her mouth and chewed it slowly.

Ye Sui wittingly said, “It's a pity that it will not be eaten. Today I worked hard to make this. The meat is tender, not tough and the tea is full of fragrance..."

Ye Sui mentioned, while looking at Chen Shu's expression, as if telling him, come on, eat quickly.

Chen Shu was staring at Ye Sui. Ye Sui's lips curled up, into a playful arc. With an inexplicable emotion in her eyes, like a little cunning animal.

Her mouth was chewing, and her cheeks were bulging, and her eyes looked at him from time to time observing his reaction.

Chen Shu's deep eyes showed a trace of doubt. Today, why did she cook for him? Chen Shu thought. But his hand was very honest. He subconsciously took the chopsticks handed by Ye Sui, picked up a tea-flavored chicken and put it in his mouth.

Ye sui saw Chen Shu's action. As expected, Chen Shu took the bait. She was delighted and stared at Chen Shu and looked forward to his reaction. "How does it taste?"

Chen Shu took a bite and the fragrance immediately overflowed into his lips. He usually had some good meals, and he had eaten all the dishes in high-end hotels.

This tea-flavored chicken, in fact, did not have much unique taste.

Chen Shu glanced at the hand of Ye Sui, there was a scar between the index finger, probably injured when she was cooking. Because Ye Sui had fair skin, it looked conspicuous.

Chen Shu lowered his eyes, his finger unconsciously rubbed the chopsticks, and slowly put them down.

Chen Shu said calmly, "It's delicious.” 

Ye Sui thought that Chen Shu was really an honest man. Ye Sui was in a happy mood. She simply put the bowl of tea-flavored chicken in Chen Shu's hand, "Then eat another piece."

Ye Sui also made a discern expression at Chen Shu. You eat slowly, I won't rob you.

Chen Shu felt like he dug a pit for himself "..."

Once the interest of Ye Sui, she couldn't keep it down**. She looked at Chen Shu silently, with meaningful glace that was also nervous. 

(T/N: Ye Sui is in a hyper mood) 

Chen Shu, under the sparkling eyes of Ye Sui, was somewhat at a loss. He remained silent for a few seconds and said with difficulty, "Okay." 

Unconsciously, Chen Shu, given one piece after another. And until he ate most of the tea-flavored chicken in the bowl, Chen Shu did not put down his chopsticks.

Giving Ye Sui a good face.(was it making her happy?)

Ye Sui nodded with satisfaction, which was affirmed by Chen Shu and aroused her high morale and filled her with enthusiasm. Ye Sui said in a spirited manner, "If you like it, I'll cook it for you often."

Ye Sui patted the tea cakes worth millions diligently, "Longjing shrimps, tea-flavored chicken wings ... you can have whatever you want."

Chen Shu’ mouth was slightly unobtrusive, “..."


Manager Renjie told Ye Sui that in《Crown Prince》 Chen Xiu and Chang Ying were the main lead, and Ye Sui was the third supporting role. Because Ye Sui was not the main lead, she did not have much to act.

《Crown Prince》was a major male drama. Chen Xiu played the role of the Crown Prince and the it was about his ascendant history. And Chang Ying was the official lady and Chen Xiu, the official matchmaker. They had a torturous and melancholy love. 

And Ye Sui, she played a tough princess. Her role was neither pleasant nor domineering. She was against the happiness of the male-female lead and retaliated against them.

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