FW : Chapter 9.2

Grab The Limelight (II)

Editor : Daisy

Before entering the set, Ye Sui was going to do her makeup. Xiao Liu, her assistant, followed her. Xiao Liu found that during this period, Ye Sui was a little different from before.  She didn’t care about her face, and her temperament was better and she was more leisure.

Before entering the dressing room, Ye Sui saw a girl in a beautiful little skirt in the corridor. She had black hair, pale skin and red lips.

The only thing that was not quite right was that her face was stained with some blood, and she looked at the busy corridor with empty eyes.

Ye Sui was taken aback that her sleepiness disappeared from her not sleeping well. She was sure that the girl was absolutely not human. The ghost in the skirt seemed to notice Ye Sui gaze. She turned her head faintly and the next second appeared in her line of sight!

Ye Sui immediately responded, quickly stopping herself from opening her eyes, preventing them from meeting eye contact. Rich and strong democracy, civilization and harmony…, she thought.

"There are a lot of staff today," Xiao Liu beside her sighed with sorrow. She paused and exclaimed, "Wow, that sister looks good."

Ye Sui was stunned and looked at Xiao Liu subconsciously. "Can you see...?"

"How can such a beautiful person not be noticed?" Xiao Liu nodded naturally, "Just like you, Ye Sui."

Ye Sui confirmed that Xiao Liu was talking about "people" instead of "ghosts". She turned her head back and found that the corridor was empty and the skirt ghost had disappeared. There were only a few staff members passing by with a hurried look.

Xiao Liu was right. There was also a girl with exquisite facial features among the staff, and she was quite conspicuous in the crowd.

Ye Sui breathed a sigh of relief. She must have thought wrong. How could Xiao Liu see ghosts?

Before Ye Sui entered the dressing room, Chang Ying also happened to come. And the two of them bumped into each other.

Chang Ying saw Ye Sui, and she felt indignant remembering the word ‘Little Aunt’ the other day. When she returned that day, she got mad at Chen Xiu.

Master Chen did not like her, and Chen Xiu dared not to refute back and protect her. Now Chen Shu forced her to call Ye Sui her little Aunt because of Chen Shu's generation, and he also did not help her. 

This really annoyed her.

Ye Sui also saw Chang Ying, she deliberately pulled out a smile. 

Seeing Ye Sui‘s smiling face, Chang Ying seemed to be able to see Ye Shi’s cunning eyes as if they were saying, Your little aunt is standing in front of you, dear.

Chang Ying's chest was frustrated again.

The actors went into the dressing room and began to get their makeup done. When the makeup and clothes were finished, the shooting began.

Chang Ying, as the female lead of, course, should have her makeup fine and perfect everywhere. Otherwise, how can she stand up to the title of the number one beauty in the world?

And Chang Ying kept the idea of suppressing Ye Sui and riveted enough to let her shine the whole field.

The director wanted Chang Ying to shoot first. Chang Ying took a look at her manager. The manager understood and told the director, "Director, her eye makeup is almost finished."

The director naturally agreed that Chang Ying was the most important part of the play. It was right to be serious and meticulous. The director turned his head and shouted, "Ye Sui, you shoot first."

Ye Sui responded, stepped forward and stood in the light.

Chang Ying's female lead was the number one beauty in the world. From hair decorations to clothing, everything had the highest preparation of the play. It was rumored that dozens of sets of clothes have been customized into a single dress.

And Ye Sui was only portrayed as the third supporting role. So there were only a few sets of clothes. It was quite perfunctory, but the quality was truly bleak. Moreover, red clothes were difficult to wear, and they will become gaudy looking if one was not careful. The poor quality of the clothes can be worn by anyone. At some point it became used for “the scene of the car accident.”

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