FW : Chapter 10.1


Are you Afraid (I)

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This drama makeup was the first time Ye Sui did not appear as 'Chang Ying' to the public. For the first time, her name would have its own value and presence. Although many people were amazed by Ye Sui's makeup, she had too many nonfans. Beauty alone would not improve her reviews.

In spite of this, Ye Sui's appearance still made a mark in people's hearts.

Because of the headlines, a certain person was unable to sit still.

Currently, Chang Ying sat in the company car, staring at her phone with a gloomy expression. Every time she checked her Weibo account, she'd be delighted when reading the praises from her fans. However, now everyone was praising Ye Sui.

Some of them even thought that Ye Sui was better than her.

Chang Ying clenched her angrily clenched her fist. She couldn't get that mesmerizing scene of Ye Sui wearing a red dress at the filming location out of her mind. It had grabbed her attention so fiercely, she couldn't concentrate on the set because of it.

She had noticed a change in Ye Sui's behavior. Whenever they met before, Ye Sui would complain about being treated as a replacement by Chen Xiu. Chang Ying would merely stand beside her quietly, showing only an aggrieved expression.

By purposefully acting as the victim, she aimed to sway public opinion into viewing her favorably. Leaving the dressing room while crying was also for that reason, making sure that many people saw that scene. After that incident, Ye Sui's reputation worsened..

Chang Ying had believed that she had completely crushed Ye Sui's career and glory to the point that she didn't even feel threatened by that woman anymore. But now, Ye Sui had changed. No longer imitating how she looked, Ye Sui wasn't pretending to be a replacement any more.

When the manager saw Chang Ying's expression, he tried to placate her. "Ye Sui probably paid a forum poster to give her good comments. Where do they see the beauty in her? I'll have someone take this down, don't worry about it."

The team got to work and, very quickly, those favorable comments were suppressed. In addition to that, Chang Ying's fans began to post their comments, even though they were usually unwilling to compare their idol to anyone.

[Ye Sui shouldn't be wearing red, it doesn't suit her at all. Chang Ying's appearance is amazing. Not everyone can be the world's number one beauty.]

[Ye Sui is good looking, but what for? Pretty on the outside, rotten on the inside. Her looks are wasted on her, she's like Medusa.]

[Chang Ying's attractiveness index is obviously much higher than Ye Sui's. Those who paid these forum posters shouldn't go too far and think they can launder money through this.]

(T/N: Attractiveness Index - A rating of how good-looking somebody is.)

The comments were finally reversed but Ye Sui's team didn't try to lessen the damage. They were aware that Ye Sui's public image wasn't good and if they did anything, she could get blacklisted. It would be over soon and, in the future, she would rely on her own strength to change people's perception of her.

Even though the comments were now under her control, Chang Ying still felt Ye Sui was a threat. Those comments complimenting that woman's beauty were enough to make Chang Ying lose face.


The Internet comments didn't affect Ye Sui at all. She had other worries.

These days, every time she left work she feared running into that ghost again. Being able to see ghosts terrified her, let alone speaking to them. Fortunately, that fangirl ghost didn't appear at the company again.

Today, some things were different from usual. When Ye Sui entered the subdivision, the sky was completely dark. Although the people who lived in it were still active, the ghosts were already wandering around.


Something seemed to hold Ye Sui's heel, but when she looked down it was only a paper cup. She assumed the wind must have pushed the cup toward her foot. Ye Sui picked it up and threw it into the nearest trash can.


Again, something touched her foot. When she looked down... It was a paper cup again! She wondered who was throwing those cups around. This time, when Ye Sui picked up the cup, she could see a pattern on it. A figure of a Q with a line of characters written under it.

Qi Xian, Qi Xian, Qi Xian...

Ye Sui was speechless. She suddenly remembered that 'little sister' ghost that appeared around the company. In the span of a second, she threw the paper cup away and pretended that nothing had happened.

A moment later, she wasn't surprised to feel the cup roll against her feet again. She didn't believe it was a coincidence, she simply ignored it and continued moving forward.

"Still pretending that you didn't see me, even though you looked back at me," Fangirl ghost's voice came from behind her, but Ye Sui didn't answer. The ghost continued, "My mother said that lying is wrong. You should help me."

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