FW : Chapter 10.2

Grab The Limelight (II)

Edited by : Sehsat & Daisy 

Ye Sui had zero intention of answering to the ghost, not to mention its request. The urgency of the situation made Ye Sui desperate, and she was left with no choice but to take a deep breath and singing while covering her ears.

What should someone sing in a moment like this? Naturally, a heroic song that makes people feel brave.

"The river flows to the east... The stars in the sky encompasses in Great Bear. If you say go, we will go. We have everything we have... The road is not flat. Wow! Wow!"  Video above. 

(T/N: The Water Margin 1998 / 水浒传 OST - Heroes Song (Imagining Ye Sui singing like this, LOL. In China, most rivers flow to the east.) 

The singing made the ghost pause. It watched as the Yang energy inside Ye Sui's body grew vigorously as she sang.

There were three sources of light in the human body: one on the top of the head and two on the shoulders with one on each side. When stimulated, all lights would glow at once and the Yang would grow.

Meanwhile, Ye Sui was still singing the heroes' song with her ears covered. She paid close attention to the ghost's movements behind her. It was still talking, but the voice was a little far away.

"I just want to talk to you, and ask you to help me." The 'little sister' ghost sent a paper cup over, hoping to reach Ye Sui.

Still singing, Ye Sui internally complained that the original online singing bold wasn't feasible!

This scene was witnessed not only by the 'little sister' ghost but also by Chen Shu. He had been ready to walk home when Ye Sui walked right in front of him. He didn't go past her, merely walked a bit further behind.

If he had walked ahead of her, maybe he wouldn't have seen Ye Sui covering her ears and singing while she walked. Chen Shu paused and observed her from behind with a complicated look on his face. He hesitated for a bit before approaching her.

The moment Chen Shu came over, he was immediately noticed by Ye Sui. She had coveted him for a long time. More accurately, she had coveted his Yang spirit for some time. She sensed it as soon as he got closer, smiling at him.

That smile soon became stiff, because the paper cup rolled on her feet again. She subconsciously turned back and there stood the ghost, about five meters away, with blood on her forehead and smeared on her clothes.

Ye Sui's face turned white in an instant, unable to even say a simple greeting to Chen Shu.

Chen Shu frowned, briefly looked at the paper cup that lay on the ground, then directed his gaze to the direction she was staring.

It was empty. There was nothing there.

"Are you afraid?" His words made her turn around and look at Chen Shu's perpetually expressionless face. Somehow it calmed her down.

She wiped her mouth and asked him. "Chen Shu, do you think there's..."

... A ghost?

Before she finished, Chen Shu stepped on the paper cup which kept rolling restlessly, rendering both Ye Sui and the ghost speechless.

That paper cup of Qi Xian was spirited for a second. The next second has become a discarded paper cup.

If you wanted to roll, you had to roll up it. 

(T/N: If the ghost want to roll it, she have to unfold the cup since chen shu stepped on it.)

Ye Sui couldn't help but admire his action. It was as if he had just told her that there were no ghosts in this world.

Chen Shu lowered his eyes and gazed at Ye Sui, uttering three simple words.

"Are you afraid?"

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