- Where can I download the game?

Latest game build (July 2021.7): DOWNLOAD HERE  

Public DEMO (July 2021): DOWNLOAD HERE

Old (outdated and ugly, but playable) build:
Ultimate v:0.08 patch 4 - DOWNLOAD HERE

- How to control my character, how the game works?
NF3D is not a regular fighting game based on your reaction and buttons smashing. You don't control your character directly with WASD keys. It's rather turn-based combat in RPG style. You define your character STATS (like power, sexuality, toughness) and during the fight select skills and abilities to use in an ordered way. 10 different STATS and dozens of abilities allow you to build your own very unique fighting style: from classic boxing to wild sexfight. But don't worry if you're not a fan of complex games: with "autofight" mode and advanced AI you can enjoy the game with only one simple button: "PLAY". The game will handle all the complex stuff for you.

- Futa! When?
Well, that's complicated. In the old game I used one base model for all 3 characters so the animation was fairly manageable. But the overall model's quality was quite low. Now I'm using dedicated models for F and M characters. So each submission animation is made in 4 versions MvsM, MvsF, FvsM, FvsF. If I add a futa character this number will grow up to 9 animations per one move. Right now I could produce 2-3 new submissions per month. With this speed how much time would I need to implement futa in the current game? 2-3 years only to add futa to all current ~60 available moves. 2-3 years without new animation, just adding futa to the existing content. It's simply not a manageable task for solo game dev 

- How to play on Mac, Linux, android?
Sorry, the game works only with Windows (and a decent graphics card, unfortunately). Please, use a public demo to check if it works on your computer.

- I'm high tier patron, how can I get my custom reward? Please, contact me with a personal message here  (or better use discord) and describe your ideas! I love to hear your input and will be happy to proceed with your request if it fills the overall NF3D style and is technically possible. Don't worry if it's not - let's speak and decide together what could we do. Anyway, NF3D is a community-driven game so don't hesitate to write me!

-  Something goes wrong!
Please, don't be mad at me :D I'm a tiny indie developer and trying my best. Please, let me know about any issues and I'll fix them.

- in the old 0.08 game I'm repeatedly getting "Can't lock network file" error
Our network solution is very fragile, sorry about that. Nevertheless, NF3D has many internal self-cure mechanics. If you got this message while trying to do something - try to do something else. Switch between my fights/available fights/archive a couple of times, try to create your own challenge instead of picking up someone's, and vice versa. Even game restart could help sometimes. But if the problem didn't go - don't hesitate to write me a direct message with <strike>curses</strike> your account details. 

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