FW : Chapter 11.1

Go Back To Our PLace (I)

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Ye Sui gazed at the paper cup on the ground for several seconds before she came back to her senses. She looked up at Chen Shu.

"Im not afraid." Also there was nothing to be afraid of.

Ye Sui thought she was the only one who was frightened. She never thought that the fangirl ghost who stood behind her was also scared out of her wits by Chen Shu's actions.

Ye Sui turned her head. Why was the ghost’s expression so ugly? With the blood still dripping from her forehead, people would assume that she and Chen Shu did something cruel to her. 

The ghost had just entered the ghost society and  suffered this kind of encounter. Ye Sui felt worried that next time she may not be able to play her role as a ghost who scared people.

On the other end, Chen Shu had thrown the paper cup that had fallen off the ground into the garbage can. Without noticing the choppy atmosphere at this side. [referring to the ghost]

"Lets go," the fearless Chen Shu spoke. Without saying anything Ye Sui followed Chen Shu to go home.

The fangirl ghost looked at Ye Sui's back faintly for a few seconds. With a remorse face, she drifted away.


Huarui Parking lot.

Pei Ning finished her day's work and came to the parking lot. She sat in the backseat of the car, leaning her head back on the chair. She was very tired after a day's work. But compared to the tiredness, not being able to see the President Chen face made her more upset.

Peining could not think of anything. For so many days, she was not able to get a glimpse of Huarui President.  

After being rejected that day, she repeatedly hinted to the President Chen's secretary that many people wanted to poach her. She wanted to talk to President Chen about something in person.

But how did President Chen secretary respond to her? His secretary actually said whether she should continue the contract or not was his business. President Chen had a busy schedule, and there was no need to disturb him.

That meant that President Chen didn’t care if she was willing to stay in Huarui or not. He had no intention of seeing her at all.

Pei Ning pursed her lips and did not reconciled. She was famous and good-looking. Many people wanted to invite her to dinner and date her, but she ignored them all.

On the contrary, President Chen was an iron plate. [referring to be cold hearted] 

At this moment, her manager asked, "Should I take you home?"

Pei Ning didn't speak, she looked out with a lack of interest when a man fell into her sight.

The man was slender, tall and straight. Even though the parking lot light was somewhat dim, from a distance, she could see from his outline that he was extremely handsome.

At a glance, she knew that this man was much more beautiful than those male idols.

Pei Ning suddenly thought had an outrageous idea. This man has such a good temperament. Could he be President Chen of Huarui?  

Once this idea came up, she right away believed it to be true. Pei Ning suddenly said, "Wait a minute." She looked in the mirror, tidied up her hair, and then confirmed whether her makeup was still in good condition. If this person is really President Chen, she must grasp this opportunity.

Pei Ning's hand was already on the handlebar and was ready to get off her auto nanny** car the next second. She glanced at Chen Shu's direction again, and when she saw Chen Shu's car, she promptly frowned.

(T/N: Auto nanny cars are used by actors. They are a van and are usually black)

With the man's temperament, he unexpectedly had a common car. And in the crowded capital, it was nothing out of the ordinary. It didn’t match if he were President Chen. Pei Ning instantly lost interest. This man couldn’t be President Chen. He was just an ordinary person with a good-looking face. 

In Pei Ning's eyes, money and status were more important than everything else. But it was a pity that the person’s face was so handsome. 

Pei Ning withdrew her eyes and said, "Let's go." And Pei Ning's auto nanny car left.

Chen Shu's car also left. Chen Shu's secretary and Wang Chuan were standing behind, looking at the back of the car drifting away. Both were silent for a long time. 

After a while, the secretary spoke, "And you asked why our boss was so low-key to even drive an ordinary car.”

Huarui was the most famous entertainment company and Chen Shu was the boss of Huarui. His value was immeasurable and if it were someone else, their car would definitely be a limited edition luxury car.  

But Chen Shu, over the past few years, has made more money. Others with lots of money will mostly spend. But still, his car was the most common.

Not only cars, Chen Shu didn't care so much about other things. Chen Shu was too low-key, his secretary was really puzzled.

Wang Chuan patted the secretary on the shoulder, "You don't understand the world of rich people. Money is money to us, but money to President Chen is just a number." 

"Did you think at this point, President Chen would’ve used the expensive things to prove his identity?” 

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