FW : Chapter 11.2

Go Back To Our Place (II)

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The secretary shook his head. Chen Shu was a legend in the industry. He is what others looked up to be.

Wang Chuan, "That's not enough. President Chen is just enjoying the fun of making money now as other things are not challenging for him."  

The secretary nodded to show understanding.

In the evening, Ye Sui was going to a fashion show. She was able to walk the red carpet because of the title of Little Chang Ying.  

In the past, Ye Sui’s makeup and clothing was similar to Chang Ying's outfits. In addition, the company's team was also pushing out copies of articles about her as little Chang Ying. In the long run, she became famous. However, Chang Ying's company and public relations methods were obviously even better so Ye Sui was trampled by Chang Ying in secrest.

Before Ye Sui walked down the red carpet, her manager borrowed a branded evening dress, in accordance to the previous style, simple and elegant.

Her evening dress was brought over. What's more, Ye Sui was low class [referring to her status], with little money in her hand and no need to change it. She just asked the make-up artist to make it a little brighter today. 

Chang Ying was pure and fresh. She was the nation's first love. Ye Sui would never follow the pure line again. She was not suitable at all.

The red carpet entrance was surrounded by many fans. Ye Sui glanced at them. Those holding the signed  boards were indeed human beings, but the group of people with different appearances, who gracefully squeezed among the crowd, were obviously a group of ghosts.

She remembered that Qi Xian would come today. That crazy girl ghost isn’t here?

The red carpet was all the way down to the venue.The media were still taking photos, and Ye Sui could only maintain a smile. Her face remained unchanged while her lips curled up looking at her fans.

The red carpet was surrounded by fans of celebrities, but Ye Sui had no real fans. Fans watched as Ye Sui turned her head and smiled brightly at them.

Don't tell me that the fairy on the red carpet is Ye Sui. That face and temperament, was a bit breathtaking.

No way! Why does Ye Sui’s radiant face look so beautiful?

Everyone knew that not too long ago, Ye Sui was bumped in with strange news related to Chang Ying. The reason why she hasn't sent a press conference these days because it was put down.

I feel sorry. What kind of fairy is this?  

Facts have proven that bright and colourful people  were very much beautiful face to face. There was nothing left of the national first pure love.

A ghost in a small skirt followed beside Ye Sui down the red carpet. Ye Sui looked straight ahead and did not sweep her out of the corner of her eye. When he entered the venue, her mouth was a little stiff.  

Ye Sui breathed a sigh of relief. While sitting on her seat, she saw a ghost in the distance. In today's red carpet, Pei Ning and Qi Xian were both present, but fangirl ghost neither scolded Pei Ning nor sought Qi Xian. She was beside another person. 

The Fangirl ghost’s glow stick was hanging down. her hands. She wiped the blood from her forehead and stood by a person to watch carefully.

If Ye Sui remembered correctly, that person was Qin Xin, vice president of Weizhi Group.   

Fan girl ghost suddenly looked up and saw Ye Sui. She raised her glow sticks in her hands and waved away at her with slight resentful eyes.

Ye Sui remembered that night when the fan girl ghost said asked her for help. What was the relationship between the ghost and Qin Xin? Why did she even ignore her idol and stay with Qin Xin?  

Ye Sui picked up the phone and searched the Weizhi Group. Some news came out.  

Wei Xuan, the only daughter of Weizhi Group, died unexpectedly. Wei Xuan in the photo was only a teenager and had a bright and cheerful smile. If the ghost wiped the blood from her forehead and smiled, she would look exactly like that.

After Ye Sui came out from the event. She didn't stay long and went straight home. The fangirl ghost didn't catch up with her, but followed Qin Xin the entire time.  

Upon returning home, Ye Sui discovered that the living room, which usually had the lights on, was completely dark at this time.

Ye Sui hurriedly looked down at the phone, the time shown on the phone is 7:55 in the evening. It wasn’t even eight o'clock, which meant that  Chen Shu had yet to come home. 

When Ye Sui saw Chen Shu was not at home, she felt even more terrified. Just now, she had not glanced sideways from returning home. Just thinking that Chen Shu would be here, so she insisted on going home to great extent.

Now this kind of situation suddenly resembled that of trying to find the exit in a haunted house. However, the door was also broken and so she needed to stay in the haunted house for a long time.

Chen Shu lived in a house that they should not dare to do anything about?" Ye Sui said to herself, then turned on the light.  

Fortunately, Ye Sui’s emergency response was more violent. At once, she saw a ghost sitting in the living room, butt on the ground and weeping, "Daddy! Mommy!"

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