FW : Chapter 11.3

 Go Back To Our Place (III)

Editor: Daisy

After she turned the lights on, the ghosts inside all turned around and looked at Ye Sui.

"The little girl's husband is not here today.” This was the first ghost Ye Sui met in this world, the aunt ghost.

Ye Sui, afraid of being seen peculiar, bowed her head to take off her shoes, did dilly dally things and almost dragged on for a century. Ye sui also paid attention to her mobile phone. At 7:59 pm, Chen Shu came home one minute early.  

“The little girl can't even take off her shoes. I'll see what's going on.”

Hearing this, Ye Sui was scared and flung off her shoes to as far as she could. The shoes rolled away and just passed through the body of the aunt ghost.


Ye Sui immediately ran to the door. for the first time, she thanked Chen Shu for his accurate and incomparable concept of time.  

When Chen Shu came in, he immediately saw Ye Sui's expression. He didn’t know what she experienced but she looked like she was scared to almost cried.

"Welcome home," Ye Sui greeted at the same time. She was relieved and put her hands on one side of the small table.


A vase on the table fell down, leaving pieces all over the floor.

Ye Sui first paused, then looked at the living room, the ghosts originally sitting calmly in the living room seemed to be running for their lives. They did not even dare to leave through the door and fled directly to the window on the second floor.

There was also a stampede on the way. Each trying to catch up and overtake each other in friendly emulation, afraid of being left behind. The scene was too grand. If there were a camera, Ye Sui would definitely take this scene.

When Ye Sui withdrew her sight, she found Chen Shu squatting on the ground, picking up the vase fragments, and Ye Sui also squatted down abruptly.  

"I'll clean up what I broke, you sit down,” Ye Sui stretched out her hand to reach for the debris on the ground. The fragments was sharp and could easily scratch by carelessness.

Before Ye Sui could touch the pieces, Chen Shu ligthtly fended off her hand. "I'll do it," Chen Shu's firmly said.

"But..." before Ye Sui could finish speaking, Chen Shu raised his head and took a look at the Ye Sui. She soon afterward put away her words.

Chen Shu squatted on the ground to sort out the debris, but Ye Sui did not leave. She leaned against the edge and said to Chen Shu, "I will be filming in a few days." 

Chen Shu hand movements stopped, a pair of dark eyes looked Ye Sui, "Do you live with the production team?"  

From the beginning, Ye Sui broke into his house like an unexpected guest. Chen Shu was still not used to it. However, Ye Sui did not disturb his life.  

Chen Shu seemed to be getting used to the existence of Ye Sui. Therefore, when Ye Sui talked about the group filming, he only asked one more question. 

Ye Sui shook her head, "Of course not. I told the director that home is near the set. I have difficulties sleeping in a bed other than my own bed and want to go home to sleep."  

Chen Shu was dazed. Ye Sui never went home. Now she even wanted to go home for filming.  

But Chen Shu's expression was too subtle, Ye Sui didn't even notice his doubts. She was excited to get a good sum of money after filming.

“When I finish filming, I will get my salary.  I'll buy you eight or ten of these vases. I'll do whatever you want. " 

In Ye Sui's eyes, the vase remains lying on the ground were definitely a fake, and she could definitely afford more.

Chen Shu looked at the antique vase on the ground, which was priceless. His eyes were somewhat complicated, but he nodded and replied, "okay."  

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