The $1+ rewards have been sent out: My debut track as Jabun - "Bergamot" + an in-depth look into Better Than The Book's "Brighton" for the $10+ patrons!

Hi everyone and hope you're having a great start to the month so far! It's the first Wednesday of September which means the rewards posts are starting up again for the $1 patrons, and with the entire Better Than The Book discography (so far) out now, it's time to start on the back catalog of my electronic / cinematic project: Jabun!

Although I've gone by the name Jabun in many places online since my early teen years, I only started releasing music as Jabun in late 2012, at a similar time that Better Than The Book was also starting out. This month, I present to you my very first original track as Jabun - Bergamot, a relaxing chillstep electronic track which aimed to be as soothing as a nice cup of Earl Grey tea! It's something very different from what you've heard from me so far, and I hope you enjoy it as there's a lot more different things coming up in the next few months! Become a $1+ patron to download the Mp3 and artwork now, or become a $5+ patron for all that as well as the full quality WAV file and early access to all future rewards!

Listen here:

For the $10+ patrons, I'll be diving deep again into the creation of another track from Better Than The Book's recent "Hopes and Dreams" album, the fun summery anthem "Brighton"! Become a $10+ patron to access that article and many more now! Remember too that you'll gain access to all historic rewards and posts for your Patreon tier too when you become a supporter, and with the new REWARD ARCHIVE tag it's never been easier to catch up with all those posts and music downloads you've missed! I hope you enjoy them :)

That's it for this post! I'll be keeping to a mostly 1 track a month reward schedule for a little while until I decide what big project to pursue next, though I'll leave what tracks are to come as a mystery for the moment! I hope you enjoy this other side of my musical personality (which much like Better Than The Book has many sides of it's own too) and thanks as always for supporting Jabun, Better Than The Book and my various music projects here on Patreon! Until the next post, take care :)

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