Tutorial Index

Aug 12, 2019

This is the index of the tutorials which are available to our Patrons. 

Tubular Bind Off in 1x1 Ribbing 

Sewing The Steeks - Paisley Kofte

Steek Sandwich - on L'Anse au Loup by Jennifer Beale

Modifying your garment from a drop shoulder to a set-in sleeve construction 

Cutting and Finishing the Steeks 

Knitting Backwards with Amy Detjen 

Gotland Skirting Demonstration 

One-Row Button Holes 

Two-Handed Fair-Isle with Hazel Tindall 

Inserting a Zipper 

Closing the Holes in the Underarms 

Ladderback Jacquard & Stranded Knitting   

Mending your Knitting   

Winding Cast-On   

Working a Gathered Cast-Off & Hemming with Whip Stitch   

Finishing & Weaving in Ends   

Dorset Button Tutorial - TJ Frog   

Modifying a Set-In Sleeve   

Sloped Bind-Off   

Right and Left Leaning Decreases 

Knitting Complex Cables without a Cable Needle   

Grafting Garter Stitch   

Cabling without a Cable Needle   

One by One Cables - Twisted Stitches   

Twisted Rib Tubular Cast-On using the Long Tail Method   

Shaping Shoulders in the Round using Short Rows   

Knitting a Ruffled Edge   

Thoughts on Blocking   

Shaping Shoulders & German Short Rows   

Weaving in the Ends as you Knit 

Finishing the Steeks   

Reinforcing Steeks with a Sewing Machine   

Double Knitting & Brioche Combined   

Inserting Armhole Steeks   

Styles of Knitting   

Simple Brioche Beanie Tutorial   

Introduction to Brioche   

Cutting and Grafting to Fix Mistakes   

Understitching your Lining or Facing   

Twisted Stitch Cables 

Shaping in Pattern   

Cabling Without a Cable Needle   

Seaming a Set-In Sleeve with Backstitch -   Part 2   

Seaming a Set-In Sleeve with Backstitch -   Part 1   

Knitting and Purling Intarsia   

Intarsia in the Round vs Intarsia in the Flat - Understanding the problem   

Working the chart - fairisle and intarsia combined   

Fairisle Tutorial - Catching the floats   on the purl side   

Fairisle Tutorial - Catching the floats on the knit side       


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