Can we start a conversation with Brahman?


There is verbal or silent self-talk thinking and there is Picture thinking and intuitive thinking . These different kinds of thinking can operate together until we find a way to dislodge them and see them working separately:

This is how we can do it:

Firstly, silent self-talk thinking is an interactive type of thinking. It is the thinking of creating ideas and creative thinking. It is the frontline of the thinking process. This type of thinking takes an observation or idea and turns it into something else which ends up not looking anything like its precursor. This kind of thinking has its limitations. You will find that its uses its experiences or its past as its repository and cannot seem to get out of itself or cannot seem to find anything "new" as all it knows is itself in mind. Nothing "new" comes from the known in you but perhaps just puzzles or different patterns of what is already known. The repository for verbal thinking is very localised to personality and your experiences and to what you know and read; your knowledge. If one wants to see intutitive thinking and pictorial thinking operating on its own one first need to make sure verbal thinking stops in the mind. This is not difficult to do as there is a mechanical anomaly in the verbal thinking process which can bring on instant silence in the mind. When you see this anomaly and am aware of it then you can use it as your mantra. 

So if one can find a way to separate these 2 types of thinking and then use them separately then we might come to see how and why they work differently. Silent verbal or self-talk thinking has a strange anomaly in it which we can exploit to stop this type of thinking instantly. You will find that verbal or self-talk thinking is where one has to silently talk what one wants to think if one wants to think at all.  The thinking process and the verbal or silent self-talking part is wired together and needs to work simultaneously for thinking to proceed. So if one insists on not silently self-talking what one wants to think then thinking stops instantly.

Hence to attain a silent mind devoid of interactive thinking one just needs to stop the vocal cords from working during the thinking process. This is what the mantra does in cross-legged meditation - it distracts the verbal thinking mind from self-talk or it stops the vocal cords from working. But one does not have to wait to cross one's legs to get to a silent mind - you can attain a silent mind anytime by just stopping the vocal cords from working during the silent verbal thinking process.

When verbal thinking stops, a new silent mind emerges. The intuitive mind. It is new because it is not an interactive mind like the verbal thinking mind. It is only a receiving mind. It is usually hidden within the matrix of the mind together with the verbal self-talking thinking process. Intuitive thinking can also be a pictorial thinking mind - you only "watch" the images in the mind but you cannot interact with the images or its train of pictorial thought. One gets the impression that pictorial thinking with its images is riding on the top of the intuitive wave. Intuition on its own does not have to be accompanied by images. So when the mind is silent and devoid of the chaotic noisy interactive verbal thinking mind you will find that there is still a kind of non-interactive thinking going on: intuitive thinking and pictorial thinking. Perhaps another way to put it is that intuitive thinking can be in 2 forms: with images or without.

There is also another aspect to this intuitive thinking process. Together with pictorial thinking, it also has a kind of thinking that can best be described as a "sense of knowing" type of thinking. It has a kind of "sense of knowing" streaming type of thinking but with no pictures in it. The mind is silent, blank with no pictorial thinking but there is a kind of streaming "sense of knowing" present. This is similar to the intuition that we discussed above but rather more subtle and softer and only appears when pictorial thinking and intuitive thinking has completely also disappeared from the mind. There are no easy switches for both the pictorial and intuitive thinking to drop off the mind but only spending enough time in the silent mind will allow them to disappear. What is left is this subtle “sense of knowing”. When all else is gone in this silent mind this other is present and with an intention in mind one can have a “conversation” with it. It is difficult to say if it is part of one’s own mind, perhaps an aspect of the intuitive wave or a “visitor”. It only “speaks” the Truth. It answers any question you want truthfully. It is obviously working off a different repository, as the answers do not come off your own experiences or your own personality.

This "sense of knowing" state of thinking is also a receiving only state of thinking and is not interactive in the sense that you cannot spin anything that you sense from its source. It seems to be coming off a repository but not off one’s own past. One can communicate with it with an "intention" in mind (not verbal self-talk) as for a question perhaps and one can readily get answers to the questions asked. In this sense, it is an all-knowing state of mind. 

In time this state of mind can become no-mind with even the all-knowing wave disappearing and the mind standing still on the edge of darkness and no memory of where it is. Most say if I have no memory of where I have been then how can I describe it. When a question is asked via an intention in mind, there is always a sense of awareness of being a part of the whole, when it is asking the question. When the mind enters the space of the self that is asking the question then that separation between the questioner and the watchman disappears and this space could be considered the true self of the questioner. As the self has now become the Cosmic Mind or the Brahman Mind. This they say is our true self. This is when the mind disappears to no memory of itself when it is one with its true self.

The brain connected to the mind needs to make its way up to meet its true self, the Cosmic Mind - it needs to discard verbal or self-talk thinking and come to a silent mind with intuitive thinking and then discard everything in it to attain a no-mind state and fall over the edge of darkness where one becomes one's true self and part of the Cosmic Mind or Brahman. 

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