We've gotten a wonderful suggestion from one of our dear patrons: to do a Q&A right here on Patreon.

So here we are! Ask us anything. The quickest answers you'll get will be from myself, Munisix (director) , or Konatsu Hare (lead artist). If you for some reason want to contact our editor, lead programmer, or musician, this may take a few days. Or weeks. Some of them take a while to respond.

For the sake of keeping things casual, a quick heads up: I, Munisix, have a pretty dark and morbid sense of humor. I'm also an extremely sarcastic individual. I kind of envision myself as the ol' codger that sits in the front porch on a rocking chair with a glass of whiskey in one hand, mumbling to myself where it all went wrong, while eagerly waiting to cane the next whippersnapper that's come to retrieve his baseball. You won't see this side of me if you're asking simple questions but I thought it would be prudent to warn you.

Konatsu Hare is gentle, caring, and an all around generous person. She will take your questions seriously and answer them thoroughly. She likes hearing from fans because it gives her the will power to get through the mountains of art work she needs to soldier her way through everyday to get shit done. So if you're looking to talk to someone nice, you might want to direct your questions to her. If you want to call someone a hack fraud, send em my way. I'll happily tell you that "that's not a question".

Anyways, all kiddings aside, ask us anything but please keep it tasteful.


- Munisix

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