Retroarch Vice (C64) core updates

To download, use the core updater or download from the buildbot

Our latest Retroarch Vice (C64) core updates: save state support, transparent keyboard themes (thanks Sonninnos), hold directions for keyboard navigation, ReSID fast resampling option for Vita (thanks Sonninnos), and more!

Full changelog since last post:

  • Savestates that actually work (rsn8887)
  • Fixed Autosave states, it now works as long as some content is loaded (rsn8887)
  • Allow holding directions to move more quickly across the virtual keyboard (rsn8887) 
  • Switched to new core options API, now there are small print descriptions below the core options (rsn8887)
  • More virtual keyboard themes, including some with more transparency (Sonninnos)
  • ReSID resampling setting, can be set to fast for extra performance, useful on Vita (Sonninnos)
  • Turbo fire with adjustable speed (Sonninnos)
  • Datasette control hotkeys (Sonninnos)
  • Allow physical TAB+Cursor keys to navigate virtual keyboard (Sonninnos)
  • Allow physical return key to push a button on virtual keyboard (Sonninnos)

Thank you for your continuing support,


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